LCNL 025: Scratching the Surface (Feral Media)

Scratching the Surface

LCNL 025: Scratching the Surface (Feral Media)

Greg Stone, co-directors of Australian label Feral Media presents Scratching The Surfacea snapshot of the Australian underground.


Thanks for putting together this mix, Greg.  Tell us about Feral Media. 

Feral Media started out in the early 2000’s by label boss Danny Jumpertz as an avenue to release music by his fellow university students (Comatone, Mieli), as well as his own musical output as part of experimental rock group Plankton and under his solo guise Alpen.

From the outset the label has had a strong focus on design and packaging, resulting in an ongoing collaboration with local designers the SOPP Collective who were responsible for the artwork on many of the early releases as well as the label’s visual identity.


Over the years Feral Media has been responsible for over 60 releases from artists across Australia. Some of the many catalogue highlights include the POWWOW Series; which gathered together 10 of the best emerging Australian artists at the time, all of whom released a mini album over the course of the series from 2007-2010. Artists involved in the series included Vorad Fils (John Hassell of Seekae), Jason Sweeney’s (Panoptique Electrical) pop centric project School of Two, Thomas William (formerly Cleptoclectics) and Broken Chip amongst others.

In late 2010 Feral Media in collaboration with Brisbane label Lofly curated The Strain of Origin; an acclaimed compilation which pitted artists from each of the labels rosters in an interstate remix battle. The resulting compilation was so well received that the labels devised a second installment extending the call-out to artists around Australia which included contributions from Outerwaves, Jonathan Boulet, AXXONN, Dot.AY and many more. The third installment in the Strain of Origin series is set for release later this year.

The label recently celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary and to mark this milestone compiled tracks from artists both past and present as well as friends of the label, all of whom have helped shape Feral Media into what it is today. Clocking in at 23 tracks, this ‘meta-compilation’ is a great representation of the label and the multitude of genres and styles that it has pursued over the years.

Tell us about your mix. 

This mix acts as a snapshot of the underground Australian music scene with tracks from recent Feral Media releases alongside tracks from artists we’ve collaborated with, or simply just admire. The mix includes tracks from new label signees 0.1 and Nimble Animal (both of whom have upcoming releases slated for 2013), as well as two upfront exclusives. The first of which comes from AFXJIM with an amazing track taken from his forthcoming album. And the second comes in the form of a remix of Sydney producer Loopsnake by Feral act Underlapper.


Greg Stone
Co-director of Feral Media


  1. AFXJIM – For Jack Darling                                                                                          0.00
  2. Nimble Animal – Mud                                                                                                            4:17
  3. Thomas William – Catchments                                                                                          7:15
  4. Making – Stay Still                                                                                                            8:33
  5. Restream – Blackheath (Gentleforce’s Damaged Portal remix)                   13:55
  6. 0.1 – Radio Edit                                                                                                                              16:33
  7. Reuben Ingall – To Lose                                                                                                            19:45
  8. Anonymeye – Allan Border Field                                                                                          23:33
  9. Scissor Lock – Alaska                                                                                                            27:25
  10. Option Command – Same Line                                                                                          32:42
  11. Alpen – 3 59.00 1                                                                                                            35:33
  12. The Longest Day – All is Quiet                                                                                          37:38
  13. Cold House – Sleepy Clyde                                                                                          43:20
  14. Loopsnake – Galaxy Porn (Underlapper remix)                                                      45:17

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