A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell which releases we like more than others.  This page lets you know what we’re listening to and enjoying the most.

Rone ~ Room With a View (InFine)
A beautiful, life-affirming album, Room With a View begins by addressing climate change but by the end provides a way forward for all those struggling in darkness, yearning to see the light.


Sophie Hutchings ~ Scattered On The Wind (Mercury KX)
An ode to the soothing power of nature, especially the sea, Scattered On The Wind operates as a healing balm, an antidote to the anxiety of the times.  It’s also some of the most gorgeous piano playing we’ve heard this year.


Martina Testen and Simon Šerc ~ Biodukt (Pharmafabrik)
The best sort of nature album, one that sits back and lets the local inhabitants strut their stuff.  Biodukt distills the rhythms of a day down to a single hour, and provides a respite from worry and work.


Ian William Craig ~ Red Sun Through Smoke (Fatcat)
One of our favorite artists continues to go from strength to strength, building on the momentum of last year’s Minor Pieces album with Missy Donaldson.  The set is marked by alternating segments of clarity and fuzz, as Craig’s voice pokes holes in a cloud of drone.


Somni ~ Home (Friends of Friends)
Is it summer yet?  The beats and beach-like vibe of Home remind us that warmer days are just around the corner.  The artist’s sophomore outing is another triumph, intricate yet accessible, with just enough vocal tracks to suggest a possible crossover.

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