A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell what we like the most.  This page highlights the releases we have on repeat.

Martina Bertoni ~ Music for Empty Flats (Karlrecords)
The title may sound forlorn, but the theme is one of resilience.  The album was born in a stripped flat, but represents the blossoming of the soul in winter.  The title itself is an indication: once the music begins to play, the flat is no longer empty.


Andrew Littlejohn ~ Shizugawa (Gruenrekorder)
One disaster speaks to another: the destruction of Shizugawa, Japan in the tsunami of March 2011 continues to speak to us today.  Littlejohn’s tapestry of rebuilding provides a metaphor of recovery, physical and spiritual.


KASHIWA Daisuke, program music III (Virgin Babylon)
Why, oh why does Virgin Babylon always seem to release great albums just before Christmas?  One might say, “it’s a Christmas present,” but that’s unlikely.  Daisuke’s sequel to program music (2007) is everything that program music II (2016) was not: a return to form, veering wildly from one genre to the next without dropping the plot.


Joris Voorn ~ Global Underground 43: Rotterdam (Global Underground)
How often do mixes appear on our Recommendations page?  The answer is almost never, which indicates how strong this one is.  102 tracks in 160 minutes is quite an achievement, and thanks to the addition of original material, the number is even higher than that.  A triumphant return for a classic label, and a showcase for a DJ at the top of his game.

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