A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell what we like the most.  This page highlights the releases we have on repeat.

Lea Bertucci ~ A Visible Length of Light (Cibachrome Editions)
A Visible Length of Light is an American travelogue, an interaction with nature, and a response to the pandemic and the former presidency of He Who Must Not Be Named.  Bertucci’s meditation becomes a sonic snapshot of a nation in turmoil, while offering a deep sonic relief.


Bryce Dessner, Australian String Quartet, Sydney Dance Company ~ Impermanence / Disintegration (37d03d)
An elegy for losses suffered during the Australian wildfires turned into a wider metaphor after the arrival of COVID-19.  The suite stands as a reflection on the fragility of life, from individuals to ecosystems.  A tour interrupted has since resumed with an even more bittersweet tone.


Tomaga ~ Intimate Immensity (Hands in the Dark)
The last testament of Tomaga leaves a lasting impression.  Tom Relleen burned twice as bright for too short a time; the album is a time capsule of his greatest work with Valentina Magaletti.  After a journey through ritual, rhythm and trance, the title track leads us down the path to mourning.


Justina Jaruševičiūtė ~ Silhouettes (piano and coffee records)
An album tailor-made for long, sleepless nights, Silhouettes is a gift to the person pacing the room, making a sandwich or journalling franticly before the racing thoughts begin to flee.  The sun will eventually rise, but in the meantime there is a secret symphony to enjoy.

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