A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell what we like the most.  This page highlights the releases we have on repeat.

Botany ~ End the Summertime F(or)ever (Western Vinyl)
Less about the changing of seasons than the fever of politics and pandemics, End the Summertime F(or)ever is a mixtape for our times, a commentary on our current condition that manages to stay ebullient throughout.  It may be Botany’s defining work to date.


Joshua Van Tassel ~ Dance Music volume II: More Songs for Slow Motion (Backward Music)
This gorgeous meditation on slowness invites listeners to take deep breaths, lie down, and put their anxieties on pause.  Those with a bit more energy are invited to sway: to forget about their chores for the duration of the music.


Galya Bisengalieva ~ Aralkum (One Little Independent)
This release could not be more timely, as it arrives at the same time as new attention has been paid to the revival of the Aral Sea.  Bisengalieva traces the history of the sea from its thriving years to its near-evaporation, landing on a note of cautious optimism.


Less Bells ~ Mourning Jewelry (Kranky)
Another triumph for Joshua Tree’s Julie Carpenter, Mourning Jewelry is a late summer highlight that will sound perfect as the leaves begin to fall.  Born of mourning, these songs sing of transcendence.

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