A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell what we like the most.  This page highlights the releases we have on repeat.

Sarah Davachi ~ Two Sisters (Late Music)
Sarah Davachi’s double album is the holiest release of the season, beginning and ending in bells, with choral and organ music in-between.  Davachi’s drones open the imagination and stretch the spiritual perception.  This sonic cathedral may be purchased with the score, so the listener can become a participant.


Hekla ~ Xiuxiuejar (Phantom Limb)
The press release calls Xiuxiuejar “a sonic black hole,” a fitting description as the narrative arc involves the gravitational force of a physical, emotional or spiritual hole: the appeal of darkness, despite its danger to the soul.  As autumn descends, the allure of this album will only increase.


Alexandra Spence ~ a veil, the sea (Mappa Editions)
Alexandra Spence makes her point gently, but insistently:  we are drowning the sea.  Her oceanic recordings capture the sonic war taking place below the waves, where chemicals and plastics vie for space with coral and plankton.


Rachika Nayar ~ Heaven Come Crashing (NNA Tapes)
As dramatic as its title, Heaven Come Crashing is a widescreen vision that spans multiple genres, from ambient to jungle, folk to shoegaze.  Nayar has a knack for picking the best sound for each scene, leading to an incredible denouement.


Hatis Noit ~ Aura (Erased Tapes)
Aura is an exultation of awe and wonder, produced with nothing but the human voice, not a lyric in sight.  Hatis Noit’s debut album is reverent, playful and joyful, a cavalcade of emotions swirling into a revelation.

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