A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell what we like the most.  This page highlights the releases we have on repeat.

Sonae ~ Summer (laaps)
An album titled Summer, released in autumn; but it’s not really about summer at all, as much as it is about the summer of humanity, followed by the fall.  The sumptuous visuals from Jennifer Trees make a powerful statement about climate change and the byproducts of human greed.


MONO ~ Pilgrimage of the Soul (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Returning to the all-instrumental fold, MONO scores another triumph, replete with tragedy and triumph, orchestra and shredding guitars: post-rock fans, rejoice!

Anoice ~ The Hidden Forest (Ricco)
17 songs for 17 paintings, The Hidden Forest is the rare concept album that works.  Those who pre-ordered the limited edition will really love the oversized prints!


Peter Gregson ~ Patina (Deutsche Grammophon)
From our Fall Music Preview to our review to our recommendation, Patina performs the hat trick. The album erases melody only to find melody; a sleight-of-hand that tricks the ear.

Mirla ~ Solitaire (The Virtue of Patience) (Lincoln Sounds)
A tribute to a famous grandmother brings new generations into the story; diary entries and poetry create brand new histories of their own.  In a time of separation, Solitaire makes us feel less alone.

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