A Closer Listen tends to be positive in its reviews, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell which releases we like more than others.  This page lets you know what we’re listening to and enjoying the most.

Ben Chatwin ~ Staccato Signals (Village Green Recordings)
Witness the continuing evolution of Talvihorros, who has matured into a full-fledged orchestral composer.  By adding strings and brass to his already extensive palette, the artist has set a new high standard.  Hollywood may soon come calling, but few film scores are as good as this ~ a great way to start the second half of the year.


Resina ~ Traces (FatCat/130701)
Warsaw cellist Resina returns even stronger on her latest opus, having stared down the abyss.  Traces is a statement of resolve in the midst of oppression, a candle in the darkness that turns into a flamethrower.

Floex & Tom Hodge ~ A Portrait of John Doe (Mercury KX)
One of the year’s first half highlights is now accompanied by a series of remixes, one of which is found below.  Floex and Tom Hodge blend modern composition and electronics so seamlessly that they sound like an unnamed genre.  We expect this album to make waves from now through the end of the year.

Spurv ~ Myra (Fysisk Format)
The first great post-rock album of the year, Myra is another huge step forward for this powerful Norwegian band, whose orchestral yet bombastic sound may remind some of Mono.  Play it loud and play it proud!


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