Ancients ~ Constellations

*shelsPlains of the Purple Buffalo was one of the most astonishing post-rock surprises of 2011.  Given the fact that four years had passed between albums, we didn’t expect to hear new music so soon; so it’s an unexpected pleasure to encounter this offshoot, which combines the efforts of band members from *shels, Rinoa, Crydebris and Mahumodo.  It’s a rare thing these days to encounter a CD single, much less a handpainted one, but that’s exactly what Constellations is: the title track, followed by two versions of “De Stella Nova”, one full and one acoustic.  “De Stella Nova” is a fine piece, perhaps most appealing in the clarity of its quieter setting; but “Constellations” is the true find.  It’s often said that the easiest way to create a catchy single is to include a chantable, wordless chorus (see Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”), and Ancients provides the post-rock variation.  The first half of the piece provides a long, pleasant build, but an explosion at the midpoint takes it to the next level; one can easily spot the transition in the Soundcloud map below.  Yes, that’s euphoria.  (Richard Allen)


Available here

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