Machinefabriek ~ Veldwerk

Perhaps more than anyone, Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) exemplifies the nature of our site.  A few years ago, he curated and produced a short gift book titled Take a Closer Listen, in which he invited friends to submit descriptions of their favorite sounds.  This work relates closely to the Favourite Sounds project as well as to Gruenrekorder’s Field Notes literary journal and the sound mapping efforts of Lawrence English.  Zuydervelt is not only a sound artist, but a sound listener.  His field recordings and music share and require an intent focus.  Over the past year, the Cold Spring label has been packaging his music in bundles and releasing them as full discs: 7″s, CD3″s, digital releases and more, grouped by category.  Veldwerk is the latest and best of these, a mild surprise given the disparate nature of its contents.  The set includes the two-part “Slovensko”, recorded in Slovenia; “Floor and Radio”, from Germany; “The Breaking Water”, which reflects the serene beauty of the Erasmus bridge; and the Russian sound collage “Rusland”.  The centrepiece is the astonishing 21-minute “Apollo”, the soundtrack to the short film “In Your Star” and a former hit (if one can ever say such a thing about a Machinefabriek release).  Those unfamiliar with Machinefabriek’s work would do well to start here; those who have not heard his recent work are advised to return, now; and those who already own most of these selections should still consider making this purchase, due to the additional insights gleaned from sequential play.  Zuydervelt teaches us to listen:  listen well, listen intently, listen that secrets may be revealed.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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