Gultskra Artikler ~ Abtu/Anet

When covering a group who once recorded an album about a magical flying ax, one expects to find the unusual.  Abtu/Anet is just that, a mixture of the beautiful, the ugly, the meandering and the odd.  Abtu first appeared five years ago as a CD3″, while Anet has “remained in the vaults” until now.  As it arrives on the heels of the unearthed Juv album, one wonders what else Miasmah has in the vaults, or if the label is having a bit of fun with us all.  As one of the track titles is almost as long as this review, we’ll stick with track numbers.  The beautiful is represented by the acoustic guitar and folk melodies of A1, the country band theme of A3, the lackadaisical strumming of A6, the player piano of B2, the ice cream truck echoes of B4 and the processed choral tones of B6.  The ugly is found in the munching demonic rasps of A4, the synth intrusions of B1 and the atonal juxtapositions of B3.  The meandering passages are the opening amelodic chimes of A4 and the piano intro of A5, while the oddities are the funhouse creaks, catlike cries and bongo-like, Yabba-Dabba-Doo improvisations of A2, the offkey warblings of A3, the TV voiceovers of A6 and B3, the off-beat bleeps of A6, the locust noises at the end of B2, and the disembodied voices and tea kettle whistles of B5.  Note that many of these are found in the same tracks. Creative listeners may find such variety endearing; others may pronounce it “weird”, then return to their daily business.  But that’s okay; the world needs more weird music, and Gultskra Artikler will be more than happy to give it to them.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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