Zbeen ~ K-frame

K-frame is a chemical experiment that takes place under loose supervision.  The “k-frame” is the framework in which the sonics develop: the programming of Ennio Mazzon, the electronics of Gianluca Favaron and the field recordings of each.  Force, magnitude, velocity and direction are all listed as elements in the  lab.  While they have been combined with iron tongs, each may still be extracted for identification and perusal.

Force:  The sheer power of the set: the beat-free bludgeoning of raw and processed sound that provides the four pieces with their visceral punch.  The volatility of these sounds demand that they be handled with care.  Insulated gloves are recommended.

Magnitude:  The proceedings are large and loud, whether watery sample, pinged tone or rising sonic rush.  Whenever the sound levels rise, the heart races faster in response.  Lab assistants should practice breathing techniques in order to prevent arrhythmia.

Velocity:  Developments unfold much faster than expected, despite the presence of looped elements. While the speed is not rapid, the energy is high, like that of excited protons.  Alert lab partners are recommended, as a moment’s lack of concentration could mean the difference between life and death.

Direction:  Each track seems stuck in forward, like a car with no reverse gear or rear-view mirror.  This strange propulsion is achieved via accumulation.  The more weight, the heavier each piece becomes, until it begins to move on its own.  For this reason, no one is allowed to leave the lab until all pieces have been locked down for the evening.

Viscosity:  A fifth element created through drone, tone, and drop-in sound.  In this case, the substance is thick, but not hardened, a dense mass that still manages to flow.  These elements may operate within the k-frame, but they threaten to break its wooden barriers like a captured beast from a cracked crate.  Please remember that these sounds are not domesticated, and that if damages occur, they will be the full responsibility of the people on duty at the time of the incident.  (Richard Allen)

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