Claudio Curciotti ~ Indica: Sounds from India

Italian sound explorer Claudio Curciotti invites us to travel alongside him on his latest release, Indica: Sounds from India.  These 22 short soundscapes, based on raw field recordings from New Delhi, Mumbay and Varanasi, come across as both sensitive and authentic.  The artist set out to depict “the loudness of the contemporary world and its relation to the many cultural aspects of different societies”.  This goal is particularly applicable to such a crowded place, in which it is difficult to isolate particular sounds.  Curciotti provides a realistic sonic map: deep spaces of sound containing perpetual noises of frequently high density.  Cultural landmarks are everywhere: mantras, taxi horns, subway roars, bicycle bells, conversations, indigenous birds.  These sounds are paired with captured snippets of traditional music, usually live but at least once on a nearby radio.  Percussive elements are strong throughout; “Raga rain” offers a powerful wall of sound created by the superposition of percussive rain with Indian musicians playing tabla and stringed instruments.  An overwhelming sense of place is the album’s greatest asset; these sounds cannot be confused with other sources.  Indica comes from India and sounds like India; it’s a travelogue that operates as a sonic tour guide.  (Esther Bourdages)

Available here

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