LCNL Mix 04: Say Hi to Strangers

LCNL 04: Say Hi to Strangers A mix by Alex Smalley of Olan Mill / Pausal.

This mix is a bit different than our previous three.  It was made in June 2010, following the passing of Smalley’s grandmother, with the intention of being listened to while walking the 2 miles home from his local pub along a canal. “I wanted to put together some songs from my past in order to not consider my present or future,” Smalley explains.

Alex Smalley is a Music Therapist living in the Hampshire countryside in the UK.  He plays and produces music with Olan Mill and Pausal alongside Svitlana Samoylenko and Simon Bainton, respectively.    Olan Mill’s Paths will soon be released on Facture, drawn from a collection of songs recorded live over two performances in 2010 whose multi-tracks were later mixed and edited for two sides of vinyl. This record will be closely followed by the second Pausal album titled FORMS, once again for Barge Recordings.  This LP sees a more physical and electronic approach to their euphoric compositions and will be due sometime before the summer (UK). Both projects will be playing shows throughout the year.

As this mix is a bit different, rather than interview Alex, he’ll be walking us through his impressions of each track.

Say Hi to Strangers

[0-05] Sean Booth – Autechre interview from the late 90’s.

For me Autechre are one of the most important music projects of my time; their evolution has been fascinating.

[05-4.07]  Quickspace – ‘The Lobbalong Song’

I caught these guys’ supporting Fugazi and they blew my mind, the music was so messy, dysfunctional, colourful and ultimately up-lifting. This is from ‘Death to Quickspace’ which is my favourite album by them.

[4.07-8.30] My Bloody Valentine – “Swallow”

Until now I was not really sure  the name of this song. I taped it off a friend many years ago, but have no info at all, except that it’s from an EP. [Tremolo]  This is as acoustic as I’ve ever heard these guys.

[8.30-14.06] Xilinlsupreme -‘All You Need Is Love Was Not True’

A Japanese band who are pretty noisey, I love the distortion on this track, this is from their first LP.

[14.06-17.28] The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg -‘Ex Post Facto’

From Everyone’s in Love and the Flowers all Pick Themselves, possibly one of the most inventive rock albums ever made?

[17.28-20.30] Mountain Men Anonymous – ‘Bring Out Your Dead’

When these guys were still playing live there were rumours going round that the sound they made was shattering peoples pint glasses!

[20.30-23.41] Pate – ‘Suiheisen’

As a kid I used to be obsessed with Japanese bands; I brought this record literally because the artists names on the cover were in Japanese.

[23.41-25.52] Nine Inch Nails – ‘20’

A band I’ve loved since my school days, taken from an instrumental record called Ghosts, which is free from his/their website.

[25.52-29.20]  Atlas Sound – ‘Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel’

A good song for massive volumes and enormous spaces.

[29.20-33.50] Christmas Decorations – ‘Closer to Carpet’

An interesting duo who challenge and reward in equal measure. It’d be cool to see them play live sometime, though I’m not sure if their even together anymore?

[33.50-38.04] Aniima – ‘Hemipode’

This is from their first EP, these ladies play on many other projects you will have heard of too. [Sigur Ros, anyone?]

[38.04-40.08] Brendon Anderegg – ‘Warm Winter’

Taken from a documentary called Lioness about women fighting in war.

[40.08-45.20] The Boredoms – ‘(Zutto)’

The most escapist band in my life. Love these people very well, especially live. This closes Vision, Creation Newsun.

[45.20-549.56] Arve Henriksen – ‘Glacier Descent’

No words…..

Thanks for listening!

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