Walton ~ All Night EP

A sparse dubstep take on R&B – or maybe an R&B-inflected take on dubstep – characterises the lead track on Walton’s second EP for the ever impressive Hyperdub label. Like a less manic Rustie, Walton uses a wispy female vocal to lighten up the heavy-on-the-percussion approach; a much needed contrast to the bangs and clatters that should fit neatly into a DJ set but more as an uplifting filler track rather than a wall-stripping highlight. The moment at around the 55-second mark when the bass kicks gives it a push but in truth, for the headphone listener, the gems are found on the B-side.

“Mallet” is built on a steady techno-paced beat with the melody as such created from tuned percussion. Once again, Walton holds back on unleashing the bass-line and this time he brings a counter-melody with it. It’s a more reserved track than “All Night”, but it probably has greater potential to reach a wider audience. The closer, though brief, is quite lovely; “Kush” is all rain-forest atmosphere, a sluggish beat and a gradually unwinding melody that nods back to the days of Reload. Three contrasting tracks then, that get better the further we get from the R&B influences. (Jeremy Bye)

Available here

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