Sepalcure ~ Eternally Yrs

The name might suggest a South American metal band, but Sepalcure is the collaboration between Praveen Sharma and the prolific Travis Stewart (aka Machinedrum). The lead-off title track is taken from last year’s eponymous debut album but the other three tracks are new; two remixes and “Don’t Cry” which combines warm synths, spare percussion and the ubiquitous chopped-up, disembodied vocal track; more down-tempo than the other tracks here it gradually works its charm and the atmospheric coda leaves a good impression.

Trevino (aka Marcus Intalex – try and keep track, there’ll be a quiz later) brightens up the cowbells of the original version of “Hold On” for his remix before realising that five minutes of such a treatment would be too much even for a lonely goatherd in the fields of alpine Austria and uses them more sparingly from there on in. The pulsing housey keyboards give the track a smoother dimension than the album take though and this ticks all the boxes of a strong remix – enough elements to relate to the original, but enough of the remixer’s personality to make it worth bothering with. Kevin McPhee sticks a grinding bassline to his overhaul of “The One”, as if he sampled a digger breaking up concrete. When that pauses, pretty much all that’s left is the sound of water dripping off leaves in a hot-house. It’s an interesting idea but difficult to warm to. Still, the solitary new track and Intalex’s remix should be enough to swing the floating voter and underlines the continuing artistic growth of Travis Stewart. (Jeremy Bye)

Available here

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