King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm ~ Fhloston Paradigm EP

The connection between electronic music and science fiction movies is so established that it doesn’t really need dwelling on here. Nevertheless, there are a few clues here that King Britt is influenced by a certain film that stars Bruce Willis and sounds a bit like ‘The Fifth Elephant’. The title of his new(-ish) project for one, the epic “Liloo’s Seduction” for another. Fortunately Britt avoids any direct references or samples (no ‘big bada-boom’ as a vocal hook, thankfully) and there’s plenty of inventiveness going on here anyway.

The EP is sequenced in an eye-catching way, with the short, atmospheric track that’s normally tucked away at the end opening proceedings. “Chasing Rainbows” is closer to John Carpenter than Luc Besson, with an analogue synth’s melody line over a rudimentary drum pattern, but it sets up the record perfectly. “The Chase” that follows it has no relation to the Giorgio Moroder track of the same name but has some of the most inventive percussion programming since the likes of Luke Vibert and Richard D. James got bored with 4/4 and started messing around. The bass keeps its relentless drive forward whilst the drums throw in all manner of snare-rushes and whatnot in an attempt to derail the track.

The longest track here is the closing “Liloo’s Seduction” which again has an analogue synth at its centre, in the shape of a bass line that gradually nudges along, occasionally bursting forth before settling back down again. This is all about the atmosphere, and is virtually beatless, which is a surprise change of tack for someone so closely associated with house – but then again the fresh identity clues us in. The cliché ‘imaginary soundtrack’ is applicable here, so find a comfy corner of the couch, grab some popcorn and stick the headphones on. (Jeremy Bye)

Available here

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