Federal Headache ~ CUV

The cover of this mini cd-r is quite suggesting of what “CUV”, by Federal Headache, might be after: a revelation of the structures beneath, as much as the manipulation of surfaces, the real shadows of architecture. If the mere mention of the word reminds you of certain legendary Strategies against it, then you’re probably in the right set of mind; like the work of Einstürzende Neubauten, “CUV” blends the literal machine-and-clashing-metal-like feel of early German industrial music with the noisier aspects of drone. The result is pretty hypnotizing, providing a stable, insistent layer of repeating electronics underneath (or is it over?) a chaotic, fiery, ear-splitting improvisation that, as the sudden complete silence at roughly the middle of the track emphasizes, is always under control. As the decibels leap and fall, as the track rushes throughout all sorts of sound qualities, one begins to realize the weird black light these sounds cast is but music in negative, a schematic of decay that allows us to hear clearly. Now, this is not to say there is an underlying realism to it, but to say that, like the very format of the mini cd-r, it opens up the possibility of questioning mediums, of looking at them not with wonder (as the fantasy of an evolution) but with puzzlement (as the evolution of a fantasy). Just like Einstürzende physically drilled holes in floors, Federal Headache aims to uncover listening as more than just a passive mode of reception. To say that this is a great start for mini cd-r label Undo/Redo is an understatement… I am sure more great stuff that makes you think is coming soon. (David Murrieta)

Available here

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