LCNL 08: Cello Mix

LCNL 08: Cello Mix

While waiting for the next artist-curated mix, I decided to make a mix of my own focusing on the sonorities of the cello.  I made a digital “crate” of cello-centric tracks and strung them together on the fly.  Since some of our guests have been reluctant to get too heavy-handed, I decided to make this under my the new objective persona, and threw in a lot of DJ tricks and went heavy on the effects track.

The idea for this mix goes back a while.  At a Julia Kent show last year I had mentioned that I had been enjoying a number of other young solo cello players, like Zoe Keating, Hildur Guðnadóttir, and Danny Norbury, the last of whom I’m sorry to say didn’t make it onto this mix.  I’ve met other young cellists since then, and have wanted to put together a mix that showcases some of those talents.   I also was drawn to the range and versatility of the instrument, and so decided to throw in very different sorts of tracks, such as Janek Schaeffer’s “Vinyl Cello Duo” or Luciano Berio’s early experimental piece “Différences,” for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, harp and magnetic tape, dating 1958-59.

Uncredited, I kick off with a fade in of Wagner’s “Vorspiel” to Das Rheingold.  This piece is a 4-minute drone in E flat, meant to evoke the fluidity of the river Rhine, and it is one of the best known drone pieces in the  concert repertory.  This gives the compositions on this mix about a 140 year spread, as some pieces are very current.  I’ll leave to speculation  the title and visuals, but let’s say the mood was somewhat coordinated.  Hope you enjoy.

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