Various Artists ~ Thank You

We love the thought that so many of our favorite artists have giving hearts.  Thank You is a charity compilation from the recently-launched Vintermusik label, and all of the proceeds will benefit Världens Barn (Children of the World).  The album is a beautiful mix of selections heard and unheard, offering new intrigues even to those already familiar with the artists.

Many of these pieces shine even brighter when removed from their moorings.  Sometimes a cello or piano piece can get lost in a forest of other cello or piano pieces, but  Julia Kent’s “Last day in July” and Rachel Grimes’ “Every Morning” are enhanced by their proximity.  Other contributions in the vein of modern composition include Sylvain Chauveau’s sublime “Des plumes dans la tête”, the title track of a 2009 film score, and the brand new “Autumn piano theme” from Woodworkings.  The latter artist has been dancing on the periphery of mainstream recognition over the past few years, and continues to be worthy of greater notice.  One can only imagine what a collaboration between Kent and Grimes or Chauveau and Woodworkings might sound like, but either combo would likely be spectacular.

Some of the other artists on this compilation have already worked together, the most obvious being Machinefabriek and Jasper TX.  But the uniting factor here is tone; despite the surface differences between the sparse (Library Tapes’ “En känsla av saknad”, Offthesky and Pleq’s “Delicate exit”) and the homespun (Monolyth and Cobalt’s “The north by train”), the tone remains gentle throughout the disc.  Thank You is a calm and humble effort that befits its beneficiaries, reflecting the quiet grace of easing a child’s pain.  (Richard Allen)

Release date:  July 8

Available here

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