SRFélix ~ S/T

This humble French release is a fine way to ease into a morning, especially a Monday morning after a long weekend.  Nothing too abrasive, and yet nothing too bland – just right.  The EP rises slowly like a groggy sleeper, tones approaching like sunbeams through the curtain of dawn.  And then a suggestion of flute, like birds, followed by light military drums, as if from a far off camp.  These serve as motivation: it’s time to get up, but the day won’t be that bad, and the tasks ahead won’t be that hard.  “We Walk Until The End” seems a dour title for such a selection, but in instrumental music, the title is often an afterthought.

The rest of the EP continues in this fashion, setting aside the urge to overwhelm in favor of a quiet approach.  Tender piano notes are struck by light fingers.  Listen carefully, and one can hear the muted hammers.  SRFélix allows the volume of his play to weave in and out, imitating breath.  By the center of the EP, the sound levels have increased like morning traffic.  These kind peaks intimate a fuller engagement, a settling into the day.  “A River In Winter” is awash in ambient waves; but by “Old Memories”, an easing out has already begun.  If only all of life could be like this: somewhat difficult, but with a gentle breach.

This self-titled EP is a perfect fit for this small DIY label.  It may not announce itself with bells and whistles, but it possesses a simple beauty, like a reed.  With a sweet hum and a soft tone, the work week begins.  The listener leaves the home, centered and clothed in notes.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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