LCNL 012: SEC_ Mix (part two)

LCNL 012: SEC_ Mix (part two)

Based in Naples, Italy, SEC_ combines music that reflects the darker, more chaotic side of this Mediterranean seaport. SEC_’s aesthetic practice is deeply personal and his technique and focus are inspiring. This mix showcases some of his recent projects as well as what has been inspiring him recently.  His playlist was so long that it’s become the first in our series to be split into two parts.  I felt it is really worth digesting each separately, so let me know if you agree.
You can read our interview, and listen to part one, here.

SEC_ Mix (part 1) by Lostchildrennetlabel on Mixcloud


0h00’00” Kanhate – Wings from spine (Clean hands go foul)

0h06’44” – Techno Animal – Burn (Ghosts)

0h09’36” – Sudden Infant – Somniphobia (Psychotic Einzelkind)

0h14’53” – Moha! – It burns twice (One-way ticket to Candyland)

0h17’58” – K-Branding – Empirism (Alliance)

0h22’58” – Strongly Imploded – Signs of liberation for wandering souls (Twilight of broken machines)

0h29’29” – Weasel Walter & Mary Halvorson – (Rich) Corinthian Leather (Opulence)

0h33’39” – A Spirale – Untitled 1 (Viande)

0h35’11” – eRikm, Martin Tetrault, Otomo Yoshide – Trace cuts 2 (Trace cuts)

0h40’45” – Keiichiro Shibuya, Norbert Moslang, Toshimaru Nakamura – Variation 2 (atak008)

0h44’00” – Kevin Drumm – Turning Points (Sheer Hellish Miasma)

0h48’05” – Matar Dolores – Tinnitus 1 (Tinnitus)

0h52’57” – Lionel Marchetti & Seijiro Murayama – L’echange des yeux (Hatali Atsalei)

0h59’25” – Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock – Side A – excerpt (Runzelstock & Gurgelstirn)

1h04’19” – Ghedalia Tazartes – Un amour si grand qu’il nie son object (Diasporas / Tazartes)

1h14’54” – Tim Buckley – Lorca (Lorca)

1h24’44” – Spring Heel Jack – Lit (Amassed)

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