LCNL Mix 013: mise_en_scene

LCNL 013: Mise en Scene

Our lucky 13th mix comes just after Halloween, and in fact after the one year anniversary of this mix series.   If you’ve been enjoying these forays into creative and sometimes challenging musics, please help spread the word and share these sounds.   This latest mix is perhaps our most challenging yet, which is saying something coming on the heels of two mixes by SEC_.   Shay Nassi aka mise_en_scene first appeared on our radar when he did an interview at our old stomping ground The Silent Ballet , and has continued to hold our attention with recent work including a cassette-release and collaboration with Steven R. Hess.  By the way, for those who may not know, mise-en-scène is French for “placing on stage,” and is the term used in film and theatre criticism to describe the various constellations of design elements that make up a work.


So, who are you?

I am  Shay Nassi from the city of Tel-Aviv in Israel .  My project is  mise_en_scene.

When did you start doing mise_en_scene?

mise _en_scene started in 2006.

What’s your musical background like?

I began studying the art of sound engineering at Jordan Valley College in the  north of Israel, where I gained a degree in Practical Sound Engineering. I do  not have a musical background in the classical way of thinking.  I’m not  playing any instrument except computer  and  my  modular synth.

Can you describe your practice?

I produce and collect sounds and create a sort of archive of them. I produce  them by modular synth and other gears. Then I compose for new experiments combined with the sounds from the archive I built.

How do you understand or situate your work?

My work originates from impulse to composition and research of music. I work totally intuitively.

You’re from Tel Aviv, which has a big electronic dance music and club scene as well as a big art scene in general.  How is the experimental electronic scene there?

As far as I know, it is a very small scene. I am not involved in the experimental electronic scene here in Tel aviv and my work is more known outside of Israel.

Tell us about this mix.  What were you going for:

The mix is compiled from some old and new tracks, mostly electronic,experimental stuff. Materials that I listen to recently.

Cheers Shay. 




00:00   mika vainio – “the breather” (from black telephon of matter)

06:48   shinkei+mise_en_scene – “cuts” (from scytale)

10:42   Steinbr¸chel – “scene 04” (from stage)

14:24   nurse with wound – “ag canadh thuas sa speir” (from man with the woman face)

22:28   [-hyph-] – “upgrade sirens” (from alter.tenacio)

32:20   hecker – “I T ISO161975” (from I T ISO161975)


40:08   wILL lONG –  “Leftover (Residue Mix)” (from Leftovers (Reworked))

43:00   Ran Slavin – “Chemical Canaries and Car Alarms” (from The Mediterranean Drift)

47:46   pita – “smirnum 0602” (from va – raster noton – frequencies)

49:22   ketem – “8C0000” (from Colour)

52:25   mika vainio – “Hampaatiii” (from Revitty)

56:49   oren ambarchi – “as far as the eye can see” (from suspension)

1:10:28 Vral Vmbo – “Don’t Eat Carrots, My Little Ghost Horse” (from Vral Vmbo)

1:13:04 the Legendary Pink Dots – “Premonition 4” (from Brighter Now)

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