Eziak ~ Nomads

Nomads by Eziak is the latest release by Greek label Triple Bath, a label whose releases have crossed the boundaries between pretty much all genres of experimental music.  On its website, Triple Bath declares its love for low-key, mysterious music, and Eziak are certainly a band that fit the bill.  There isn’t much in common between this mysterious band (there is very little information about them available) and what we usually describe as post-rock other than the fact that they use the standard rock instrumentation, along with various other instruments and electronics.  But when listening to this beautiful album one can’t help but hope this is the direction post-rock would take.

Nomads feels like a soundtrack to a road movie, a journey through the night that takes us from deserted highways, to smoke-filled jazz clubs where flugelhorn solos make us lose our sense of space, and from there to dark fields where aliens are waiting to abduct unsuspecting homo sapiens.  The band from Chalkis, Greece uses bass and percussion masterfully in order to add to the mystery and nocturnal feeling, often resembling the work Angelo Badalamenti did for David Lynch.  The music of Eziak at times flirts with jazz, but it isn’t jazz, at least not what jazz has become these days.  They are post-rock, post-jazz, post-everything, but at the same time there is something very primal about the music, which seems to have found that long-forgotten path to mystical worlds civilization is oblivious to.  And all this happens while the band jumps (probably unconsciously since they list Can and David Sylvian as their main influences) from spaghetti western to ’60s psychedelia.

The guitars are roaring, the drums go wild, the bass drifts like a nomad, and the more we listen, the deeper we enter into this world of moonlit madness.  They say that during the night everything we know is not true anymore, but Eziak manage to turn any time of the day to eternal night.  And once the music is over and we return to our mundane reality, all we want is to go back and surround ourselves with magic.  (John Kontos)

Available here

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