Daphine and Lyndsey ~ Seascape No. 1

Is there a more beautiful, peaceful, threatening sound than the sound of waves?  Is there anything else that can make us feel free of problems and convention, while at the same time reminding us how small we are compared to nature?  If you have never sat on a deserted beach, staring at the sea while being in awe of the waves, you should try it one day.  If you are into field recordings however, you might have listened to so many recordings of the ocean that you might ask, and with good reason, what is the need for another album such as this one and what does it offer that cannot be found in one of the many other similar recordings done in the past.  The question is of course unfair because all music, even the most experimental types, sound like something else and yet we are always capable of discovering reasons to praise them for their originality.

So what makes Seascape No. 1 special and worth listening to?  First of all, every experience is unique, and the sounds captured in these recordings, made in Lincolnshire, on England’s east coast, are rather powerful:  the intensity of the waves, the birds searching for food, the strong winds, all paint an environment not very friendly to civilization and the comforts that come with it.  Daphine and Lyndsey felt they were capturing a little piece of infinity, and by observing that piece we are given the opportunity to discover again what is really important and change our priorities.  The lack of noise produced by the built environment or technology, a lack of sound we often consider quietness becomes too intense to let us wallow in the absurdity of our everyday existence.  The album becomes a wonderful meditative tool and relaxation exercise, which is exactly what one is looking for when searching for solitude and serenity.

There isn’t much more that can be said about field recordings that are not processed at all, other than the fact that the album does seem to take us on a trip to Lincolnshire and let us share the wonderful time Daphine and Lyndsey had.  The album comes with a photographic pamphlet which I don’t have, but I am sure makes the experience more personal. (John Kontos)

Available here


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