Matahari Psycho-Transmissions ~ Audio Transmission #1

In the year 2000, Fatboy Slim invited us ‘to get deep’. The DJ’s “Song for Shelter” was an evocation of freedom and the sense of pure, euphoric peace found inside deep house (incidentally, this serene peace is the feeling running through stand-out ambient and drone music). 12 years have passed, but house music can still reach that deep, eyes-closed state of mind that ascends into spirituality; experienced in unity, as one, the ephemeral sensation is a near-perfect, sweet harmony.

House music has always been described as Church, and it’s no coincidence that we raise our hands during those euphoric moments. Rhythms run deep through the veins like blood, in a Holy Communion that offers beats instead of wine. Thanks to the music, we feel closer to a Heavenly power. In that moment, we’re able to reach out that little bit closer to the source – to get deep – all made possible through the music and the emotional experience she gifts us. Be free.

Matahari Psycho-Transmissions have been ‘connecting the mind and body through media broadcasts and distributions since 1975’. The threesome includes Dylan Coyle, Michael Carter and DeForrest Brown, who is also a writer for Tiny Mix Tapes. Separating the trio from the rest of the hands-in-the-air crowd is the addition of washed synths and slightly psychedelic melodies. United, they surround the refreshing loops until we’re left with a similar sensation of chilled euphoria. Audio Transmission #1 contains the same loving spirit and deep devotion to the rhythm as seen in the late 90’s.

Streaming these positive vibes through into a new decade and a new era, it’s almost as if the summer of love loops on and on in an alternate reality. Jet-trails of pure harmony keep a steady course, like an airliner’s white lines of precision in the azure sky. Saucy rhythms and convex curves of synth melody loop-the-loop above the harmony, all caused by a thrill-loving pilot taking one last spin before he’s suspended. It could be this stream of  turbulence that softly warps the synth and gives it a unique, lovely sound. Fasten your seatbelts; the eclectic looping, mixed with the classic house snares and thudding beats, creates a near-transcendental aura that’s capable of sending us up, up and away on the wings of a beat, above the clouds at 40,000 feet.

Opening lightly, “Protocol 1 (Reveka)” builds up the electronic layers and the developing momentum. Percussive shakers kiss the ears and contain a smooth nostalgia straight out of Chicago. Synths breeze along as they like; the steady tempo supports the notion that slower is heavier. The trio aren’t afraid to jump over the electronic spectrums; their latest track sounds like a very different kind of threesome between chillwave, old-school jungle and tribal house. Funkier slabs of house can be heard on “Protocol 2 (Techno Girl)”, cuddling the senses with an adorable, smiling synth. Techno is usually associated with a jet-propelled BPM that would finish a close second in a race alongside Sonic the Hedgehog, and this is where Matahari Psycho-Transmissions throw a curveball. Slower rhythms seem to be all the tastier for their leisurely pace; rhythms can be so much more sensual at a speed you can dance to.

Complex polyrhythms show the trio can elevate the 4/4 beat to even greater intelligence, while keeping everything steady and flowing smoothly on. Just when you think the music’s going to go that extra step beyond into techno, Matahari Psycho-Transmissions pull the beats back and add a reversed, melodic hook that shimmers in the air like the once-raised hands reaching again, creating a sea of arms that pray to the neon lights and to the God that never disappeared.

Audio Transmission #1 is an open invitation to all the followers and non-believers; to get deep once again.

End of transmission. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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