Alex Kozobolis ~ From November

From NovemberFrom November is a natural prequel to For SnowAlex Kozobolis’ wonderful EP from last winter.  The three tracks unfold with gentle precision, and again connect to form a sentence:  “Despite the Cold”, “Through the Leaves”, “The Light Will Warm Us Again”.  There’s no grandfather clock this time around, although oddly it still seems present, a phantom limb created by pre-immersion in Kozobolis’ music.  Instead, the sound effects include the miked keys and pedals and (very) distant conversation and traffic.  This type of inclusion has produced a sea change in the way we listen to solo piano music.  Once upon a time, such noises were thought to be a distraction and were eliminated in the studio.  Today these sounds add to the overall charm of recordings, virtually guaranteeing that they are being performed live.

These three tracks possess a timbre that matches their subject: tender and melancholy, like the falling of leaves, but hopeful, like the morning light.  The cover photo was taken on a pruning day, which is also appropriate, reflecting the necessary cut that promotes later growth: a metaphor for onset of the cold season.  Kozobolis begins with light, tentative notes, easing into autumn; later in the EP he steps up the pace, as thoughts of fall withdrawal are replaced by those of the returning sun.  While it may be too ambitious to expect, a 12-piece series of CD3″s, one for each month, would be lovely to hear; if not, perhaps From November might serve as the autumn entry, For Snow the winter entry, Songs from a Distant Summer (obviously) the summer entry, and Together the spring entry.  Has Kozobolis inadvertently recorded an album for the seasons?  We believe he has; check it out below.  We love this idea, and perhaps the artist will too.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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