Best New Videos: Strobes, Spies & Ink

bonoboOur first video feature of 2013 is a way to catch up with some of best videos released late last year, as well as some of the highlights of the new.  This batch includes some of the wildest videos we’ve ever seen, as well as some of the most sedate.  Credit goes to Vimeo and the continuing good taste of their editors, who for the past year have demonstrated that their tastes correspond with ours.  With so many quality videos on the market, it’s possible that someone will get around to launching a “new” MTV, but for now, the best can be found on the internet.  We hope you’ll enjoy our winter selection!

Our overture selection is a video about music.  The keen animation brings to life the entire spectrum of the field.  Send this to a music teacher or student you love, and they’ll be sure to love you in return.

Understand Music
Director and Music:  finally.

Understand Music from finally. on Vimeo.

The following trio of videos were created with ink and paint.  These videos experiment with color and movement, synching them to sound.  Those who are on a limited budget might consider utilizing such techniques, as they manage to impress without actors or plot.  Antoine Delach’s “Macros/ INK world” speeds and slows the frames; scntfc’s “Undone 2” (part of an ongoing Seattle exhibition) uses macro photography to astonishing effect; Michael Zoidis & Jodie Southgate’s “a2” turns aural ambience into visual haze.  Lava lamps were never so rich in hue.

Director:  Antoine Delach
Music:  Blockhead, “Serenade”

MACROS/ INK world _v01 from Antoine Delach. on Vimeo.

Undone 2
Director:  scntfc
Music:  Pale Fire 5, “Burn a Pale Fire”

Undone 2 from scntfc on Vimeo.

Directors:  Michael Zoidis & Jodie Southgate
Music:  ‘Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm, “a2”

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 (Official Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.

Next up is Tim Sessler, who pulls off the hat trick with his latest video.  Tim’s now been featured in this column three times, first with “Stilles Leben” (on our former site), then with “Bending Sounds”, and now with “Forecast”, filmed in a series of National Parks in the Western United States.  Suffice it to say that he’s one of our favorite directors: always changing, always capable of surprise.

Director:  Tim Sessler
Music:  d_rradio, “Forecast”

FORECAST from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

One doesn’t have to live in New York City to appreciate the brilliance of “New York Biotopes”.  In this graduation project, the director reimagines the city as a place in which inanimate objects blossom and flourish: train tracks, subway seats, streetlights.  In the end, metal poles float like seeds.  Our grade:  A+.

New York Biotopes
Director:   Lena Steinkühler
Music:  Man Mantis, “Teacups of Our Ashes”

New York Biotopes from Lena Steinkühler on Vimeo.

Cyriak’s back!  The director brings his signature style to bear on Bonobo’s music, with stunning results.  The video starts sedately enough, but swiftly turns bonkers.  And that’s why we love it.

Director:  Cyriak
Music:  Bonobo, “Cirrus”

Bonobo – ‘Cirrus’ (Official Video) from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

Here’s another crazy one, made with patterns and cutouts.  Bond may have found his next opening sequence.  If “Stamation” is the director’s real name, his career may have been predetermined.

Mauvaise Herbe
Director:  Clem Stamation
Music:  Jean Elliot Senior, “Mauvaise Herbe”

Jean Elliot Senior – Mauvaise Herbe from Clem Stamation on Vimeo.

Seizure alert!  We are not kidding.  The strobes in this final video are dangerous.  We are saddened that some people will never be able to watch it.  Those who do will find that their eyes will be playing tricks on them, and afterimages are possible.  To quote Bruce Springsteen, “Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun; but Mama, that’s where the fun is!”

Fix My Life
Director:  Morgan Beringer
Music:  Melt Yourself Down, “Fix My Life”

Melt Yourself Down – Fix My Life from Leaf Label on Vimeo.

Richard Allen for A Closer Listen.

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