The Shaking Sensations ~ Start Stop Worrying

TSS_CoverThe Shaking Sensations have a new drummer!  No, they didn’t fire their old drummer, they added a second.  This upgrade has provided the Danish band with an obvious boost on their second album (and third release overall).  As early as a minute into the opening track “Rocket Summer”, one receives the impression that drums are going to be pretty darn important in one’s appreciation of the disc.  And yet, the drummers never seem to vie for supremacy; not only do they work well within the construction of the songs, they often back off completely in order to let the swirling guitars do their work.  But the best segments are those in which one drummer or the other bursts from a single speaker as the other sounds recede, coupled with the moments in which one drummer is clearly tapping right while the other is tapping left, imitating the live experience.

Yes, this is a post-rock album, solid right down the middle, where it counts.  The songs are long, they ebb and flow, and while they are not as “sad” as the band proclaims them to be, they do possess a light melancholia, especially in the slow, beatless breakdowns (for example, the midsection of “We Ourselves Alone”, whose title advertises its mood.  But whenever those two drummers return, the spell is broken, another way to say that the timbre of a drum is not very melancholic.  This back-and-forth embodies the album’s title, in that the listener starts worrying, then stops, then starts to worry once more; the clouds gather and are dispelled time and time again.  It’s a rare trick, one that can leave a listener drained, but The Shaking Sensations never let the mood grow too heavy or light, preferring to paint in more neutral shades to protect the listener from mania.

While the album was recorded live in-studio, it’s probably best heard live; fortunately, the band’s tour seems to be ongoing.  Look for them soon at a venue near you.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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