Slow Lake ~ Sleeping Apart EP

Sleeping ApartIf one wanted to capture the forlorn feeling of sleeping apart following the dissolution of a relationship, this would be it.  We really hope that this didn’t happen to Slow Lake, but we fear that it has.  The silver lining is the inspiration stemming from sorrow; while this is an incredibly short EP (3 tracks, 7 1/2 minutes), it’s effective; and one wouldn’t want to dwell on such a subject for too long.  Suffice it to say that whether or not the artist is now sleeping apart from another, the music seems to understand, and offers solace.

The EP is built on solitary instruments – piano in the first track, guitar in the second – augmented by others, including mild electronic drums.  The feeling is akin to that of a solitary person, deserted, barely noticing the company of friends.  Concluding track “Half Lost” turns even darker, as the guitar crumples into the lower register and children play outside the window.  Somewhere close, people are laughing and having fun, life is going on, love is succeeding, children are still being born.  But not inside this house, not inside this room, not inside this bed.  This sweet sorrow lends the Sleeping Apart EP its sullen poignancy, and its power.  Slow Lake managed to get out of bed long enough to write these short tracks; thick as the walls of grief may be, they have not entirely closed in.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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