LCNL 021: DJ HUSH HUSH presents ‘Parallel Intricacies’

Parallel Intricacies

LCNL 021: DJ HUSH HUSH presents ‘Parallel Intricacies’

Parallel Intricacies is a collage-mix encompassing a wide range of electronic music, from  20th avant-garde to more beat-driven club music presented by Francesco De Gallo as DJ HUSH HUSH. In addition to producing his own music as Hobo Cubes, Frank also runs the Montreal-based tape label Hobo Cult.


Tell us about yourself.  How’d you get involved in experimental music, working with analogue electronics and so on?

Hello, I’m Francesco De Gallo. I got into electronics when I was still in college, living in a dark basement, listening to electro-acoustic music on the radio… I would make mixtapes for myself and try to improvise weird sounds on my 30$ organ I bought from The Salvation Army.

When did you start Hobo Cult?  Why a tape label?  

I started Hobo Cult when I moved to Montreal in 2007. I had just bought a synth and had a new computer so I would record myself every night after work. I wanted to release these musical experiments and those of my close friends. I started buying tapes and home-dubbing them in limited runs. I didn’t really know much about the underground scene at that time, but it evolved through writing to people on the internet and trading cassettes.

You’re doing this ‘techno‘ show at casa in a couple weeks.  Have you been interested in beat driven for a while?  It seems more and more artists are working in this nexus between noise music and club music.  Is this a direction that interests you?

Yes, I’ve always loved beat driven music but I feel like it took a while for me to get into it (making it)… I needed to take some time to understand the dynamics of beat making before jumping into this style. My musical path has gone from noise, experimental electronics, new-age, glitch to techno & house. I just love evolving and searching out new methods and sounds so beat music is just another step in that process.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Montreal scene as well.  Le Berger did a mix for us a few weeks ago and talked a bit about Montreal, but his project is a studio project and so I’m curious how you’ve found it as a performer.

Montreal has various music scenes but they all sort of cross paths… right now though, most of my close friends are all trying to redefine themselves, which I think is a good thing. The whole weird synth thing was happening here for a few years but now people feel like changing their sounds. Many friends of mine are venturing into Modular Synthesis, which is great, but way too expensive for me. I think we’re all striving for the same thing: a good cohesive, positive scene here in Montreal + trying to get more opportunities for touring, grants & playing festivals.

The mix by Le Berger was good. It seems like we share a lot of the same musical influences. I preferred the kosmische & experimental tracks he included. As for his own music, I enjoyed what I heard. Slow developments and deep soundscapes for meditative zones. I understand his desire to not play live, I get the same way sometimes, striving for the best live set-up for gear, but for me, I feel the need to explore ideas and concepts in a live environment. Even if it has its faults and problems, I love that moment when you cross over from playing and controlling your sound, to totally losing track of where you are and feeling extreme sensations of euphoria. That’s why I do it… the need for encountering the unknown. You always learn something about yourself and your music in those situations. But in recent times, I have been moving towards more controlled music performances, focusing on the music as a finished product and just mixing it live without any outside interference.

Can you say a few words about the mix?  How’d you put it together, what you were thinking?  Has the sudden transition of the seasons affected your listening?

The mix I made as DJ HUSH HUSH is more of a collage-based method. I enjoy overlapping sounds to create a new song or ambiance. There were many more tracks that I wanted to include but they didn’t fit in the mood I was going for. I used alot of soundscapes and glitchy songs for the transitional parts and kept the beat oriented tracks a bit cleaner. Some of them do have other sounds over them, it was just a question of making it all work together.

I think the fact that spring has just dropped in sort of inspired my choice of tracks for the mix, but if I would of really been influenced by the sun and heat, I would of made a Free Jazz / Funk / Soul mix. That’s the stuff I play at home when I need a boost of energy, or if I want to hang out on the balcony having lunch.

 Hobo Cult did a collaborative set opening up for Roedelius a couple years ago. How’d that happen? Must be a pretty high point in your career so far.

Yeah that show was great. I collaborated with NOIR, Femminielli & Riccardo Lucchesi as The Hobo Expanding Cult Band. We improvised live for 45 minutes, slowly following a timeline we had created. At the end of the show, coming off stage, we all received hugs and congratulations from Roedelius… truly awesome! The show came about when I saw him posting online about trying to find other shows to play around NY for a festival he had booked. I talked to a friend of mine who works at Sala Rossa and he helped book the show for us. It was a great night. Roedelius played some minimal piano pieces and some ambient synthscapes. Oh, and I had to grab an all night bus ride from Cleveland to make it to the show… I was on tour with Dirty Beaches at the time. It was definitely worth the ride!

Upcoming shows:

Hobo Cubes live on CKUT 90.3 FM – ‘If You Got Ears’ radio show May 8th (noon-2pm)

Hobo Cubes live at Casa del Popolo May 11th

Hobo Cubes live at Mutek May 31st






Andrew Pekler – Silhouette Couple On The Beach (Cover Versions)

Psyche\BFC – Sleep (Psyche\BFC)

Ssaliva – ADFH6 (All Downhill From Here)

Vakula – T H E O Son (Slavic Mythology)

James Ferraro – Gargoyles (Cold)

David Kristian – Sensorimotor (EMS Synthworks 1997-1998)

Ken Ishii – Cocoa Mousse (Jelly Tones)

Iannis Xenakis – Concret PH (GRM Works 1957-1962)

Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – Two States (The Breadwinner)

Camp – Wear (Wear)

Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswal – Digital Forest (Borderland)

Geoff Mullen – Filtered Water Part 1 (Filtered Water)

Marcos Cabral – 24 Hour Flight (LIES Presents American Noise)

Wanda Group – Her Stomach On Terror (Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight)

Journey of Mind – Untitled (SS06)

Xiphiidae – Pan Cyan Essence (Waning In Archaic Color Sequence)

John Cage – In a Landscape (Voices & Instruments)

Tiga Basko – Mono Gurke (Rasuna)

Substance & Vainqueur – Resonance (Libration & Resonance)

Strategy – Awareness Is Fruit (Awareness Is Fruit)

Moon B – EF2 (Entropic Feelings)

Maggi Payne – Shimmer (Ahh-Ahh – Music for Ed Tannenbaum’s Technological Feets, 1984-1987)

AD Bourke – Guava (Raw Ivy)

The Hers – Tony (Tough Cunt)

Daniel Menche – Marriage Of Metals 1 (Marriage Of Metals)

Reedbeds – 3 (Fervent Pitches)

Kane Ikin – Sleep Spindle (Sublunar)

Austin Cesear – Travellers In Faith Dub (Cruise Forever)

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