Reuben Sawyer ~ Constricting Realities

ReubenSawyer_CoverIf last night was just a blur, Constricting Realities is the alternate, true soundtrack to that one, hazy night. As the dubstep remix of “Call Me Maybe” sent shockwaves through the speakers, Constricting Realities was circulating through your inner being, flowing through your veins and soaking up the alcohol as well as the pop-styled vocals. For the first couple of hours, you’re in a highly desirable dream world, where reality is truly constricted and then thinned to infinity. You wake up next morning, and the sensations are a mirror image to last night’s hi-jinks; you’re awash with opaque memories you’ll never remember, submerged in the headache from hell and in desperate need of an explanation as to what exactly went down. An aspirin would also help. All in all, it was a pretty cool night. Just look at the hot blonde you woke up next to…unfortunately, she disappears right before your eyes as you desperately try to blink away the alcoholic intake – she’s just an illusion. Maybe next time.

Constricting Realities is another illusion, sparkling out cool orbs of light that may or may not exist; it’s your choice. Transparent drones push their way to the surface, shimmering in front of deep blue synths that effortlessly ride the airwaves. These drones are the kind that levitate above you, healing your wounds and then easing you back into another kind of reality, readying you for the recovery and the eventual way forward. Music is therapy, and any hope for recovery is always possible. Music heals all.

Hazy images splash just under the surface as the synths surround you. Fluid with movement, Reuben Sawyer introduces placid melodies, interspersing them over the primary drone until a surfacing harmony appears. Hazy drones can produce crystal tones. Caressing fountains of purity hydrate the body  and soul. It’s the sound of your being in flux, riding that wave to the other side. Deeply textured waves cascade through a sonic environment that isn’t without a slight, invasive edge. Trails of distorted grit add to the substance like suspended sedimentary rock, rubbing against the slow-burning melody; yes, the pain is still there, but it’s easing. Liquid-light and elemental, the atmosphere open up an underwater void, where stretched out drones run a recovery through the veins.

Staring at the stars, points of distant light reflect webs of blurred white as if they were psychedelic dreamcatchers catching chilled vibes. Opening up a space for recovery and healing, Constricting Realities is  a thoughtful journey; the drones aren’t shy, but on the inside they’re slightly sensitive and caring. On and on the drones continue, soaring higher and higher on wings of love; a soothing sedative for the night before. “Return To Body” is just the comedown that was needed. A clearer melodic progression rises to the fore, winning the battle and soothing the last, aching muscle. A clearing of the senses can now take place and introduce you to the real date – one with reality.

“Radiation Passover” sees the drones lift off and depart for the stars, lighting up the lost reaches of the mind and illuminating the spirit as a fond farewell, awakening you afresh for your journey forward. Sensations that were once washed out are now soothed under the influence – and the depths – of sunken synth tranquility. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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