LCNL 022: Sic Sic Mega Mix

sicsicmegamix_fotoLCNL 022: Sic Sic Mega Mix

SicSic Tapes is a tape label that releases a wide-variety of music, some of which is showcased on this mix.  In addition to site favorites like Panabrite, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, and Nils Quak, this mix also features tracks by the incredible M. Geddes Gengras (seriously, how amazing was that record with Sun Araw and the Congos!?) Enjoy.



Please tell us about yourself and SicSic?

SicSic is a platform for music and art presented on cassettes … It’s done DIY from my living room to yours with no boundaries regarding the style of the music. It’s more or less a reflection of the stuff I like.
I always can count on the help of friends, that play an important role in the whole process – Holger writing the blurbs, Johannes doing a lot of artwork and all the layout for the tapes. I also love to work together with other like minded people to realize visual concepts for the j-cards, that could be the musicians itself or also friends that create stuff I dig.

The initial idea behind the founding of SicSic Tapes was to be able to release our own music on a soundcarrier we love, so Johannes (aka Baldruin) and me (aka Hering und seine sieben Sachen,)  started the label in 2009 with an inaugural split release of our solo projects.  Soon after I became more active and started to release music from artists on a wider circle – it’s great to work with people together on releases – as a fan and promoter. I try to give something back that i gained through their music – may it be energy, love or how ever you want to name it.

Where are you based? What’s the scene like?

I live in Frankfurt am Main, a bigger city in Germany. Well it’s certainly not Berlin but I like the area call Rhein-Main a lot – although things tend to be a bit more hidden here.

I do not know if there is something like a local “scene” – to be honest, I do not like the word because it suggest a kind of homogeneity rather then a more open approach for (sub-)cultural activities. Certainly there are a lot of interesting artist working locally in this field and one aim of the label is to feature local acts regularly.

I also am a member of Phantom Limbo Gigs, a collective setting up shows for experimental music of various genres since 2009. The tape label is therefore also an extension, or a result of holding on to the memories I’m collecting.

How’d you make the mix & what’s it about, how’s it organized?

It’s meant to be a trip through the back catalogue of the label, arranged in movements or clusters … ah you’ll hear it.

What are you working on, any future releases you want to plug?

I recently bought my 6th Tascam double deck for my dubbing tower. soon the duplication madness can continue! my machines will hopefully churn out these fresh tapes until end of June:

sicsic055 – Asio Otus / Innercity – Split
sicsic056 – Headboggle – Hillboggle
sicsic057 – Space Habitat – Rising Interiors
sicsic058 – Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Grafamen
sicsic059 – Afterlife – Sensory Overdose
sicsic060 – Buchikamashi – Superbrain

I’ll post the first audio-samples coming from the upcoming stuff soon at soundcloud.

Anything else we should know or you want to share?

Thanks, Keep up the good work you are doing with “a closer listen”, this is a brilliant source for write-ups about music without boundaries. There is always some good stuff to discover there. Thank you!

And thanks to SicSic!


01 – Atte Särkelä – Prologi (from Asio Otus – “Taivaallisia Tulia”) // TIMECODE: 00h00min00sec – 00h00min16sec

02 – Nils Quak – Waves of Glass (from “Und unsere Häuser sind Särge”) // TIMECODE: 00h00min16sec – 00h02min08sec

03 – Panabrite – Moss Port (from “Illumination”) // TIMECODE: 00h02min08sec – 00h05min25sec

04 – Günter Schlienz – Presentation Two: Tape Echo & Modular Synthesizer (from “Tape Studies”)  // TIMECODE: 00h05min25sec –  00h09min48sec

05 – Lunar Miasma – Full Absorption (from “Impermanent Nature”) // TIMECODE:  00h09min48sec –  00h14min47sec

06 – Cray – Ugly Martian (from “Digest 54”) // TIMECODE:  00h14min47sec –  00h20min24sec

07 – M. Geddes Gengras – The Kiss / Excerpt (from “Kiss of Live) // TIMECODE:  00h20min24sec –  00h28min21sec

08 – Gerendás vs. Voigt – Transit (from mise_en_scene / Gerendás vs. Voigt “Split”) // TIMECODE:  00h28min21sec –  00h35min11sec

09 – Flamingo Creatures – Drei namenlose Gestalten III (from Flamingo Creatures / Limpe Fuchs “Split”)  // TIMECODE:  00h35min11sec –  00h40min56sec

10 – Baldruin – Verwirrung des Gefühls (from “Sunhiilow / Baldruin “Split”‘ // TIMECODE:  00h40min56sec –  00h43min56sec

11 – Rambutan + Parashi – Halogen 01 (from “Lesser Halogens) // TIMECODE: 00h43min56sec –  00h49min05sec

12 – Asio Otus – Hattuilmiö liittyy toiseen suurempaan ilmiöön (from “Taivaallisia Tulia)  // TIMECODE: 00h49min05sec –  00h52min45sec

13 – Astro Zwo – Crush (from “Freunde Sein”) 00h52min45sec –  00h54min35sec

14 – Fluorescent Heights – Canoeing the deep rivers (from “Vendetta in Paradise”) // TIMECODE: 00h54min35sec –  00h59min32sec

15 – Venn Rain – Psychophonic II (from “Cymatic Cymbols”) // TIMECODE: 00h59min32sec –  01h08min22sec

16 – Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – Call it a Castle (from “A Guide to the Sun”) // TIMECODE: 01h08min22sec –  01h17min43sec

17 – Motion Sickness of Time Travel – The Secret Door (from “Oust”) // TIMECODE: 01h17min43sec –  01h25min02sec

18 – Isle of Sodor – Trinity Life (from “Goshen”) // TIMECODE: 01h25min02sec –  01h30min08sec

19 – Former Selves feat. Aloonaluna – Kindred Spirit (from “Calico Sunset”) // TIMECODE: 01h30min08sec –  01h37min03sec

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