LCNL 024: Even Closer (A mix by The Ephemeral Man)

DSCF1174LCNL 024: Even Closer (A mix by the Ephemeral Man)

The Ephemeral Man is the alter ego of writer, blogger, musician, and photographer Leigh Wright. Leigh is from the UK, but currently lives near Quebec City in Canada.

His Twitter handle is @Leigh_Wright_ and his blog can be found at:

The Ephemeral Man has his own Twitter handle: @Ephemeral_Man

He blogs at:

His music can be found at:

And his mixes at:


Tell us about The Ephemeral Man?  How’d you get interested in experimental music? 

The idea behind using an alter ego came as a means to help me focus on my creativity – when I am The Ephemeral Man, I don’t have to worry about constraints or distractions; I don’t need a reason to do something, or a particular goal. I’m creating for the joy of it.

So I started a Tumblr blog, and began by presenting weekly mixes, photographs, and a strange lo-fi episodic audio drama about a sentient gelatinous blob called Pid. This “Phase One” of The Ephemeral Man lasted for six weeks. (I have a thing about the number six, which is probably due to my love of the classic TV show, The Prisoner. The blog was launched on 6.6.12, and I have it in mind that The Ephemeral Man project will run for six years.)

For a long time I’ve wanted to release my own music. I taught myself to play acoustic guitar, and have been writing and singing songs for almost twenty years. My tastes in music have taken their own meandering path since my childhood. I spent much of the 80’s rifling through my mother’s record collection from the 60’s and 70’s. I have always been particularly drawn to experimentation, and the developments in electronic music in the early 90’s really caught my attention. In ’92 I went to my first Orb gig, and that blew my mind!

I used to use a record deck, tape deck, CD player, drum machine, and TV, and mix all the sounds together to create a psychedelic soundscape. I had the use of an old four-track, and made mixtapes.

In college I was the singer in a covers band, but my favourite performance was at a college showcase where I sang over trip-hop beats whilst images from the surreal animated movie “Fantastic Planet” played on a screen. The other acts were all indie guitar bands or singer songwriters, so I made quite an impact…

Later I made strange electronic tracks with a battered Yamaha SY77 workstation, until it broke. Then music took a back seat while I concentrated on writing and other things for a few years.

I sold my keyboard and trusty red guitar to help raise money to move to Canada, so I arrived early in 2012 with no means of making music, other than the mixing software that I use to make my mixes. Then, when I began my Ephemeral Man project, I became inspired by the lo-fi ethos of modern tape culture and musicians like Ricky Eat Acid and Lost Trail, and realised that I don’t need thousands of dollars of expensive equipment to make and release music. So I fired up some open source music creation software, used my camcorder to capture field recordings, searched a public domain archive for some old movies and radio shows to sample, and the first Ephemeral Man album NACREOUS CLOUDS was born.

Now The Ephemeral Man is a year old, and I’m continuing to experiment with music, writing, and photography. I’ve just put together the first issue of a collaborative zine called WYRD DAZE, which contains some great stories and art, and comes with a download code for a music compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Hacker Farm, Lost Trail, The Revenant Sea, April Larson, Chris Lambert, and Declan Kelly – as well as two rarities from Concretism, and tracks from the latest releases from oh/ex/oh and Cloud Waste and the Calf. The zine is available via The Ephemeral Man Bandcamp, and it of course also contains some new Ephemeral Man music, which I’ll also be releasing as a limited cd-r.

What’s going on in this mix?

When I create a mix, I like to overlap tracks to create new soundscapes, and usually spend quite some time working out to the very second how the tracks are going to fit together. This mix I’ve created for ‘a closer listen’ contains a heady blend of ambient, drone, electronica, and weird-folk, with a hauntological vibe encouraged by some reminiscent samples, and with a few surprises thrown in for good measure!

It’s an honour to be able to share a little of my passion with a blog I greatly admire. Thank you!


1   Protect and Serve                               The Importance of Your Radio                                            00:00

2  Sone Institute                            M’Ling: Blake’s Last Tape Mix (Dollboy Mix)                              00:57

3  Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan                   Song of the Second Moon                                                 2:58

4  Pandelindo                                                    Panza Para Indra                                                            7:07

5  A Public Information Film                         Dark and Lonely Water                                                  11:38

6  The Haxan Cloak                                                       Mara                                                                    12:17

7  Bagpus                                                           The Old Man’s Bear(Excerpt)                                      15:18

8  The Wyrding Module      The Hadronic Seeress and other Wyrd Tales (Excerpt)

”Pan-Dimensional Fornication Matrix”                                      16:18

9  Numbers Station                                           Gong Station Chimes                                                   24:25

10  The Orb                                        Little Fluffy Clouds (Live @Tokyo 2.7.93)                                 27:26

11  Black Polygons                                                   Black Room                                                             38:02

12  Sesame Street                                The Yip Yip Aliens Discover a Radio                                        39:57

13  Hacker Farm                                                            Burlington                                                          42:15

14  Okkulte Stimmen – Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences Disc 3

“Female Entities, England 1970’s”                                      48:06

15  UNKLE                                                          Rabbit in Your Headlights                                            50:37

16  Queen                                                          Somebody to Love (Intro)                                            56:51

17  Weather Report                                              Mysterious Traveller                                                57:08

18  Radiophonic Workshop                       Soundmakers: Side A (Excerpt)                                    1:03:50

19  Ship Canal                                                         A Fucking Cuddle                                                  1:04:40

20  Cloud Waste and the Calf            Waterway Trip Through the Black Desolation                   1:09:55

21  Peter Serafinowicz                                      Building a Human (Excerpt)                                    1:14:20

22  Folklore Tapes                                               BIRDomenlore (Excerpt)                                        1:16:20

23  Russel.M.Harmon                Like Blood off a Dove’s Back (Micromelancolie RMX)               1:20:46

24  Xenis Emputae Travelling Band                         Sidereal Prayer                                                 1:26:46

25  John Hyde                                                           Theme from Chocky                                           1:35:08

26  P J Harvey                                                                      Silence                                                       1:36:01

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