Nektarios Manaras ~ Hovering

NM HoveringCoral reefs are spectacular in their beautiful array of vivid colour, providing sustenance and support to the depths and proving vital for the surrounding ecosystem. Setting down the foundations for a thousand, thriving organisms, marine life is able to flourish abundantly.

Hovering introduces us to Nektarios Manaras, and the Greek island of Chalkis, where, deep down, the aquatic life contains a musical ecosystem all of its own, guarded safely in the palms of a colourful coral reef. Dive in, and dive deeply. You’ll discover a diverse set of instrumentation, uncoiling itself in a stone-washed cove of ambience, as bright and as plentiful as a reef rooted to the seabed, and to the foundation of the music, swaying in the currents of the deep and upholding the life of the music.

Deeper and deeper, the descent is a pure submersion of pleasure, where bass lines linger in ancient caverns, and snaking creatures of the deep continue to fascinate with their unique stripes, dashes of colour and stream-lined course. Hovering creates sights that are somewhat alien, strange and exotic to our eyes.

An atmosphere of curiosity deepens the journey. Ambient music is the perfect kind of music for both inner and outer exploration, searching our thoughts, and our hearts, as well as enveloping the space around the listener. “After The Rain” helps to create this space, and cleanses the surface of any anxious thoughts as the deeper tone descends in a swirling rush, eventually releasing itself and coming to a crystal clear surrounding of tranquility. Deeper textures swim around a reef splashed with amazing instrumental colour, and a plethora of diverse timbres rise up like a swarm of bubbles, shining a light that is, with every passing second, ever more intensely hued.

Hovering has, in parts, an experimental flow, one that reflects off the surface of brilliant blue, and the lighter ambience filters through like halos of sunshine seeping into the ocean. Underneath it all, predators remain unseen. Swimming in serenity, electronics fluctuate in and out of the music, giving a sense of forward motion but always to some degree clouded by the blue mists. Oscillations come to the fore, as if the music has been affected by a tremendous turbulence; shark tails displacing the air and causing some delay. Coolly refreshing, the electronic bass sends out its own rhythm, like sonar signals from a shipwreck, sending out a brilliant beacon thousands of miles below. Echoing out of the reaches are jazz-tinted improvisations; the drenched notes of a clean electric guitar coasts on by, repeating a gentle melody as if it was a tail constantly swishing in repetition, providing the momentum for the music as well as the air for the inhabitants.

Shimmering white lines sway over the blue. There are definite structures down here, ancient monuments that have been lost in the fall of Atlantis. Rhythms and percussive stretches act as the spine, sailing through eroded, chalked walls, and grey stone covers the aquamarine tones. A chilled saxophone plays on, staying in tune despite the thickening pressure. “Anemone Dance” spurts a jet of luminescent colour; a lucid atmosphere hovering over an ambient lamination.

Hovering echoes out of a tranquil world, free of chaos. Serenity washes over the surface. Shore meets sea. Discover a little-known, secluded place where there is peace. Only peace. (James Catchpole)

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