LCNL 026: Lcoma presents Unorganised

Unorganised image - By Sergio MedinaLCNL 026: Lcoma presents Unorganised

Liverpudlian Liam Coleman aka Lcoma presents his favorite Soundcloud tracks of the last two years. A great place to begin.


So, who are you?

Liam from Liverpool, but I go by the alias ‘Lcoma’ which came about through uni, apparently I would turn up like a corpse, ‘comatose’, with the resemblance of Kenny from South Park. I’ve been a keen guitarist for a good 12 years, though I feel that my Mac is my main instrument now, however my guitar input or ‘data’ is a fundamental part of my ideas and production.

How did you get into this scene?

Accidentally I guess, I was introduced to Tim Hecker, Christian Fennesz and SomaFM by a uni friend in order to help me sleep and cure any anxieties… Then through a bit of reading I came across MaxMSP and other audio tools, which lead me on to a module on which I used my computer as an instrument. Eventually, I taught myself a few MAX objects and started to loop, mangle, and glitch my guitar. (Though I’m really bad at it and I always end up patching the same thing, my brain is in a loop!)

Tell us about the mix. What were you going for thematically?

The theme has more or less been curated through that little heart button on soundcloud, I thought it was time to showcase my favourites since I set up an account two years ago. I genuinely feel that the mix is a representation of the best I’ve found so far.

How did you prepare the mix?

I attempted to do it live with an Audiomulch patch and failed miserably, so LogicPro took over from there.

Any other projects in the works?

At the moment I’m working on a new E.P and I have a fully booked schedule for collaboration with a few artists from the mix. I enjoy playing live more than I do producing I suppose, so finding myself gigs in the UK or even abroad is important to me right now. Starting a label is also taking up a lot of my thoughts recently…


1. Working violin – Hogo (overpainted music)

2. Bug – Porya Hatami (Land)

3. Clouds – Heinali

4. In an imaginary house – Etokle

5. 27 – Flur

6. kitano dog – Hogo  (overpainted music)

7. Brombaer & Fljota – Lone Waltz (Translated to sound)

8. ABN – Canenero

9. TheRedShark – Lcoma (Unwanted noise)

10. Lovest – Endote

11. Winter – Porya Hatami (Land)

12. Closer – Heinali

13. Havana l – Valiska (Digital architecture)

14. FLUR – The next commuter (Katharsis)

15. Milk – Fontaine

Photograph by: Sergio Medina

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  1. Liam

    Track 14 is also by FLUR, my stupid mistake!!

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