LCNL 028: Electronic Observations Summer Mix

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Jeremy Bye is part of the founding trifecta behind A CLOSER LISTEN, and in addition to contributing top-notch reviews, he also is responsible for the monthly series ELECTRONIC OBSERVATIONS, compiling the best new releases that fall under the broad spectrum of electronic music.


Jeremy Bye: I spend quite a lot of my reviewing time putting together the Electronic Observations articles each month, so it seemed natural for some of the music covered there to make an appearance on this mix. I also had a big clear out of the music on my computer’s hard-drive recently which meant that virtually all that’s left in my library is music I’ve downloaded rather than ripped from CD.  I’m currently listening to a lot of the Ghost Box label and related artists, hence the appearance of Pye Corner Audio and Applied Music.

The mix was compiled during a brief moment in our English summer when it wasn’t raining, so the music reflects the sunnier side of my mood.  It even gets a bit Balearic in the middle with Poolside, and ends on a positive note with Roy Ayers. It’s not all electronic either, as you’ll notice when you get to Foxygen, but the song fitted the overall feel.  When I’m mixing off decks I have a tendency to stick something wildly inappropriate on after about 60 minutes just to liven things up, so this little deviation is mild.

I put the mix together by assembling a track listing which flowed and had changes in sound, tempo and mood, like I would with a mixtape. Then I pieced it together so it is relatively seamless – but the tunes were picked in the first instance because I liked them rather than how smooth it would it sound, which is my cunning get-out clause for any of the clunkier moments.

Many thanks to all the musicians who’s work appears in the mix.


0:00:00 Kwes. – Klee (Meantime EP)

0:02:07 Bibio – À Tout à l’heure (Silver Wilkinson)

0:05:55 Pye Corner Audio – Foreshadowed (Black Mill Tapes Vol 3)

0:07:20 Applied Music – Populated Circuits (Vol 1 – Science & Nature)

0:09:39 Samantha Glass – Movement 4 (Rising Movements)

0:14:39 Solar Bears – Love Is All (Supermigration)

0:17:40 Spazzkid – 40 Winks (Desire?)

0:21:43 Vortex Rikers – Oceanic (Oceanic EP)

0:24:34 Ra Cailum – Realizations (Change EP)

0:28:08 Poolside – Harvest Moon (Pacific Standard Time)

0:33:52 Conrad Schnitzler – Ballet Statique (Ballet Statique)

0:37:45 Larry Gus – Figueroa Islands (Hana Remix) (Silent Congas Remixes)

0:43:37 John Talabot – El Oeste (fin)

0:45:19 Ducktails – Letter of Intent (Mark McGuire Road Chef Remix) (Letter Of Intent)

0:50:02 Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes I (Ekstasis)

0:52:53 Moon – Ghost/Light (Guilt EP)

0:56:36 Foxygen – San Francisco (We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic)

1:00:10 Pick A Piper – Hour Hands (Pick A Piper)

1:04:25 Atoms For Peace – Ingenue (Amok)

1:07:58 Ramadanman – The Woon (The Woon)

1:12:24 Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Everybody Loves The Sunshine)


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