LCNL 029: Raining Light Mix (Lost Trail)


LCNL 029: Raining Light Mix (Lost Trail)

Zachary Corsa plays in the drone group Lost Trail with his wife Denny, as well as his solo ambient-folk project Pines, whose debut C40 cassette is going to be released soon.  He also runs Wood Thrush Tapes, and writes for ACL and other publications.  You might remember his earlier mix in this series, Snowy Mix For Synesthetic Commuters.   Steeped in the landscapes of their home state North Carolina, Lost Trail make evocative ambient drones using lo-fi and “obsolete” recording technologies. Corsa will be touring this summer, doing a series of solo performances with tape loops  so keep an eye out on his tour dates to see if he’ll be passing through your town.

Zachary Corsa: When you play a certain kind of niche music, people tend to assume that that’s the entirety of what you listen to. The fact is, an artist’s chosen musical genre is often the end result of a great variety of varied influences. Listening to one genre on repeat never paved the way for any revolutionary trailblazers of music.

In Lost Trail, the music we make is very ambient, shoegaze-inspired drone and noise. But the reality is, though I love all of those genres dearly, I’d tear my eyeballs out if I couldn’t listen to something else. Lost Trail is as much inspired by old time music, folk, sacred harp singing, delta blues, classical and free jazz as anything more experimentally-geared, even if it isn’t readily apparent in our sound.

Thus, I’ve gathered a selection here of music I’ve been listening to while we work on new material. You’ll find a great wide array of musical touchstones here, and perhaps it will become a little more apparent how they play into our sound.


Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother
The Sight Below – Further Away
Oneohtrix Point Never – Laser To Laser
Red Stars Theory – September
Vatican Shadow – Voices Came Crackling Across A Motorola Handheld Radio
Mogwai – Special N
Boduf Songs – Things Not To Be Done On The Sabbath
Volcano Choir – Seeplymouth
Sigur Ros – Stormur
Gold Panda – Quitter’s Raga
Deadfile – This Hollow Land
Boards Of Canada – Jacquard Causeway
Eluvium – By The Rails
The Haxan Cloak – The Drop
O Paon – Le Dernier Mot
Dan Friel – Ghost Town, Pt. I
Deafheaven – Dream House
Sannhet – Abescon Isle
Mount Eerie – Small House

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