Deison / Candor Chasma ~ Antimatter Circles

Antimatter_frontThe bedrock of distinct noise arrives out of nowhere; the creeping hiss of an out of tune television set at three a.m, conjuring up feelings of apprehension and fear as another apartment is illuminated under the intense light of white infinity. It is the origin of the universe, broadcast directly to you alone – with no cable or satellite subscription required – only inches away from your tense body, raised arms a shield against the light. This is the first and the original transmission, the television as the conduit.

As rhythmical as a pounding heartbeat, the thunderous kick shudders through the television and into the year 2013. As the explosion of the Big Bang rocked the cosmos, some kind of entity slithered through the gaps. Now, it has escaped – a nightmarish containment breach.

The lurking, sinister presence is buried inside the thin drones, waiting for a sufficient period to stalk the flesh. The sense of unease is sharpened by way of light electronic signals, scuttering from speaker to speaker before their first strike, puncturing the signal of white noise with a ferocious appetite. Antimatter Circles is a collaborative effort between Deison and Candor Chasma (Simon Balestrazzi & Corrado Altieri). The trio’s music fluctuates in black space with a slow-burning tension that becomes painful. The unseen and the unexpected are both formidable fears that suck on the life blood of the drone so that it can sustain itself; the music is a sonic experiment forged in the dark arts. Coupled with this is a darker drone that sinks and sinks underneath the weight of a vicious spiral.

The dark harmony of “Another Message” appears to speak of no return; it’s the fear of the unexplained. The ghostly presence has long been condemned, finding shelter in a dusty graveyard of dark drone. ‘Dreamscape Recording Lab’ spills the secret activity of the lab, the scientists responsible for the outbreak. Red lights silently flash, illuminating the abandoned, top secret research facility and the trails of blood on the shiny, slippery-when-wet linoleum. The presence has left, too. All that remains is an ambient drone and a lighter, electronic frequency coated in glitches. ‘Opposite Presence’ is another side to the record’s face. It would be a peaceful, quiet interlude if it were not for the notorious, previous attack – the being left scratches on the skin as a warning. Pre-recorded voices swirl in the ether, breathing the cool mists of antimatter against the broken glass; recordings of failed tests. Signals enter and exit through high-range frequencies proclaiming the advancement of scientific research.

Antimatter Circles compels you to go forward into the terrifying unknown; the finale is a closed door of static, where the television light casts four beams above, below, to the left and the right of the door. It’s the doomed attempt to make contact with an entity whose only concept is one of primal violence. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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