Kreng ~ …And Then In The Morning

piece_four_front_redOver the past few years, Kreng has carved out a specific niche of the dark ambient world, using a wide variety of sharp implements.  Highly informed by classical music and spooky scores, this music is intelligent, haunting and strangely alluring.  It’s not “horror music” in the modern sense, but in the traditional: built by suspense rather than gore, suggestion rather than shock.  While no one will be surprised that Kreng uses dialogue from the original Dracula in the title piece, many will be surprised at the choice of sample: a romantic, wistful remembrance, balanced by lovely ivories, echoed by the off-kilter.  But such is the nature of the artist’s music that the unidentified sample used in “The Baptist” might be interpreted in any of three distinct manners: as a trip to a baptism (the literal), a wedding proposal (the possible) or a cultish murder (the implied).  We could ask, but we don’t want to know.  Tension builds over the course of the track, as the protagonist approaches her unknown, yet inevitable fate.  This sad, string-laden song remains in the head long after it has ended.  Separating these narrative-driven pieces is the instrumental, flamenco-referencing “Introduccion”, which manages to be dark and playful at the same time, a calm between storms.

Sonic Pieces has assured us that the 7 x 7″ series will eventually be reissued as a giant 49″ record, but why wait that long?  This 7″ wants to be played now.  And for those who think a 7″ is too short, the sold-out Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007 – 2011 is still available for digital purchase!  (Richard Allen)

Release date:  13 September 2013

Available here soon


  1. If you use and go to the page for ‘abattoir’ and press the pronunciation audio in time over this track, you can have some fun.

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