V/A ~ Ultrasoft! Anthems 33

Ultrasoft! Anthems 33This BRAND-NEW compilation is FREE TO DOWNLOAD this week and it comes with THE BEST COMMERCIAL … EVER!  Are you stressed, depressed, or simply a mess?  Have we got the solution for you!  CLICK HERE for your AMAZING AMBIENT MEDICINE!

We don’t usually do announcements, but Plastic Sound Supply caught our attention with a ballsy video ad that deserves to go viral.  Every ambient music lover will recognize these tropes; the video manages to celebrate and skewer the field in equal measures.  The album itself features a multitude of artists, mostly from Colorado, but including some familiar names:  offthesky, Radere, Ten and Tracer.  Come for the old friends, stay for the new!

While the digital album will be available on iTunes & Amazon next week, this INCREDIBLE OFFER is yours for ONE WEEK ONLY and will NEVER BE REPEATED!  All of your friends will be jealous when they hear that you were able to download Ultrasoft! Anthems 33 for FREE!  (Helpful hint: tell them NEXT WEEK, after the offer is over!)  It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, GUARANTEED!*

* Having the album is different from not having the album, so technically, this does mean that it will change your life forever.  What if, for example, while you were home downloading the album, you did NOT go for a walk and thus were NOT hit by a car?  It’s entirely possible that this album could SAVE YOUR LIFE as well!  Perhaps you will never know for sure, but are you WILLING TO TAKE THAT CHANCE?

Check the commercial here and find out more information below, including how to take advantage of your LIMITED OFFER of FREE MUSIC!  Restrictions may apply in some areas, especially those that do not have internet access.

Track listing! Pre-order! Download!

Plastic! Sound! Supply! More exclamation marks!

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