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LCNL 033: SMOKE EM IF YOU GOT EM selected by the new objective

I never promised I’d be able to maintain the weekly pace for these mixes.  I have a whole lot of mixes coming up though, but in the meanwhile I threw this crazy long mix together myself. It’s a bit rough around the edges. Late at night, choosing records from what I’ve been listening to lately, and forcing it through my mixing board, effects, and loopers until it fit together.


Field recordings from Mexico, Bob Marley, d/p/i, Vladislav Delay, Raime, Bellows, Amadaou Ballake et Le 5 consulats, Alessandro Brivio, Mark Ernestus & Konono No. 1, Bob Ostertag, the new objective, emptyset, A Tribe Called Red, Souljazz Orchestra, Matt Wivviott, Bootsy Collins, Mark Fell, Jason Lescalleet, J Dilla, Ornette Coleman, Nicola Ratti, The Mercury Program, Yesterday’s New Quintet, Sparkle in Grey, Ultra-red, Matana Roberts, Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi, Sandro Perri, Rza, Charles Mingus, Sun Araw.


Sounds of the  MTA, the new objective, King Tubby, Nicola Frangione, Giuseppe Ielasi, Carl Stone, Blutech, Tape noise, Ryan Adams, Sonny Sharrock, Andrew Peckler, Rashad Becker, Whale Sounds, Svarte Greiner, dj/rupture, Sonic Youth, Pauline Oliveros, Scott Walker. And so much more.


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