Justin Scott Gray ~ Adult Music

justin scott adult musicI have no option but to say this outright: Adult Music is a lovely album. It is both a celebration and a melancholic remembrance, at least in the way it intertwines the softness of its production with slowly treading rhythms, instantly recalling the ‘country life’ feeling of bands like Do Make Say Think and Jonquil. The city seems like a distant place, an area that plunges ever faraway into the confines of memory, leaving only an infinite horizon, the red and pink of the setting sun warming our hands as they shield our eyes. Night falls, and while the horizon remains, its colors speak a language changed, one that knows differently, apprehends differently, for its passions are no longer mythical. They struggle to extend across the landscape, to be expressed by raindrops and the rustle of leaves, moving instead at synaptic speed towards every limb, every word, every caress given. This is adult music inasmuch it does away with the urgency of youth, that revolt that brings every atom to life, as well as it absorbs all that energy into a tranquil act of recalling that we are more than mythical. It is both happy and sad music, both music to enjoy the company of someone and music to miss lovers to, and it carefully treads upon every kind of terrain with the certainty of regret.

It is divided, more or less clearly, into two parts, one more given to melancholy than the other, although not at all completely driven by it. Mostly instrumental, the entrance of the artist’s almost hushed voice by the middle is a welcome surprise as it compares present with past, being adult with being young: “I used to write, and now I barely even speak / I used to fight, and now I walk away”; there is a perceived loss in expression, an overt restraint, and yet the music sways and jumps (ever-so-softly) with energy, exploring the vastness of this sad situation with the kind of post-rock that was slowly abandoned by the bands mentioned above. The outcome is that being adult is losing that connection that makes the entire world speak and recite vigorously about your each and every dream, now having absorbed it all into a life where the reciting, like Justin Scott Gray, comes from your own hands, your voice, your thoughts, poured into music, into friends, into works, games, gestures…

Running at 25 minutes, it is a pretty short listen, but one that is more than worth the repeat, or the use, if you’re in need of a melancholy break or the sweet sounds of a post-rock that is rare nowadays. Get somewhere comfortable, put your headphones on, and imagine a great landscape with a setting sun… (David Murrieta)

Available here

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