LCNL 035: The Volume Settings Folder

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This week’s mix comes from The Volume Settings Folder, and is hopefully the first of many.  TVSF began in 2011 as the solo project of Italian guitarist Möbelstück Beckmann, and this mix harkens back to the music that inspired at that time.  His multi-media work Ivan Hoe and Other Tales  received high praise on these pages earlier this year, though  I first became aware of TVSF as one of our most dedicated followers on social media. You can find his Tumblr here, and check out some of his recent video work at his Vimeo page.


Tell of a bit more about yourself. Where are you from, how’d you become interested in music?

I’m Italian, born in 1986, living not far from Venice, and I study foreign languages. Beside that, I’ve grown passion in hearing and then making music, starting from metal tunes and then exploring new kinds of music (or what was new to me at the time). I’ve been playing guitar since the 3rd year at the college, which is pretty late but I got very involved, and since my departure from metal it has remained my main instrument.

How did TVSF begin?

The project “the volume settings folder” started in 2011. I came home from Hamburg (Germany) where I had a semester of abroad-studies, and practically all my friends, with whom I had an elecro-acoustic project called Dört, left to go live somewhere in Europe (something I’ll also do, as soon as I graduate at the university). I didn’t want to quit playing, so for the first time I focused entirely on my true love for ambient music, influenced by both drones and post-rock melodies. Since than I published more than 10 releases both on my Bandcamp and on small labes like Organic Industries and Static Reason Recordings, and I’m happy whit how things are going.

Speaking of the scene here in Veneto (my region) I have to say that north from where I live there’s been a very big “eruption” of experimental acts and labels in the last years; Boring Machines, Silentes Records, Von, Oltrelanebbiailmare are the most internationally acclaimed in the experimental underground scene, and also Nico Vascellari is gathering many experimental artists at his atelier. In my very small village there’s a DJing scene growing, but also some rising techno producers, the most prominent being Alan Backdrop, recently out on Prologue… which is kind of cool!

Tell us a bit about this mix.

The podcast mix is mostly a showcase of tunes that influenced me before I started publishing music as “the volume settings folder.” The first half shows a more “post-rockish” and glitchy approach, the second half is more focused on drones. Also, there is a certain amount of Scandinavian-Nordic artists… and before the hipsters, I’ve grown a huge amount of love for the Nothern side of Europe.

Sigur Rós – Rafmagnið Búið

Hildur Guðnadottir, BJ Nilsen and Stilluppsteypa – The Direction was Foggy or Cloudy

Vladislav Delay – Musta Planeetta

Wil Bolton – Collapsed Chimes

Pjusk – Demring

Pleq – Snow Story

Damian Valles – A Bow Echo

Marcus Fisher – Between Narrow and Small

Solo Andata – Canal Rocks

Svarte Greiner – Dress

Yellow Swans – Public Space

Pedestrian Deposit – A Blessing

the volume settings folder – Purity III

Supersilent – 10.8

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