Best New Videos: Wood, Book, Coffee

lead meFrom tilt shift lensing to maple wood etching, the latest installment of Best New Videos showcases a variety of techniques.  There’s something for every taste in this cavalcade of sight and sound.  Dim the lights and prepare to be amazed!

Director:  Andreas Bick
Music:  Andreas Bick

We missed this one earlier this year, but we’re happy to make up for it now.  The tilt-shift imagery is spectacular.  And the green just pops off the screen!  This video single, now available on Galaverna, breaks new ground in format and film.

Down Into Nothing
Director:  Jake Fried

Every frame is hand-drawn with ink, goache, white-out and coffee.  The colors are incredible and the mood is immersive.  Jake Fried has quietly been amassing a great body of humble work over the past few years, but this is his best to date.

lead me
Director:  Omar Meradi

Music:  Doug Kaufman, “All we can do”

The video is described by the director as “little monsters hanging around”.  They eat pencil lead and destroy mailboxes, but when they’re caught in the rain we still feel sorry for them.  Oh, and that last monster is not so little.

Going West
Director:  Martin Andersen/Andersen M. Studio
Sound Design:  Mikkel H. Eriksen/Instrument Studio

Books come to life in this short yet beguiling video created for the New Zealand Book Council.  The animation is superb, and the sound design, which plays with timbre through distortion, adds an otherworldly flavor.

The New America
Director:  Nando Costa
Music:  World Gang

800 frames of laser engraving on maple wood, a technique we’ve not seen before, is married to unusual imagery and evocative music.  As one might expect, the process was laborious, but the results justify the work.

Directors:  Daniela Villanueva, Mara Soler
Music:  Julian Placencia / Teen Flirt

A dancer emerges from a hula hoop and proceeds to spin a web of light and angle around a deserted studio.  The dance is pure joy, and the intricate spinnings are a delight.

Mutated Nature
Director:  Bipolar Spider
Music:  Terry Artovsky, “Mutated Nature”

The video begins by focusing on the eyes of reptiles, and ends with a sequence reminiscent of Coldcut’s “Natural Rhythms”.  Incredibly sharp images and fine attention to synching make this a must-see.

Director:  CRCR

Music:  C2C, “Delta”

CRCR has a lot of fans, and from this video, it’s easy to see why.  The imagery matches the beats while the storyline aids to the appreciation of the song.  One wishes for one more frame, but the ambiguous ending is probably the better one.

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  1. Great! These posts are the best for me… I love checking these Vimeo videos. Beautiful suff. Thanks!

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