Faures ~ Continental Drift

Continental DriftIn Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman writes, “The primitive brain cannot be said to think or learn; rather it is a set of preprogrammed regulators that keep the body running as it should and reacting in a way that ensures survival.”  The music of Faures provides evidence of both primitive and esoteric composition methods.  The primitive brain is represented by the sustain: a normalized atmosphere in which the only changes are timbre and grain.  The esoteric is reflected in filtration:  at every turn, the artists seek to use the most emotively channelled sounds possible. As Faures, Fuzz Lee, Samuel Landry (Le Berger) and René Margraff (Pillowdiver) conjure a world of contented disconnect, applying a shoehorned delicacy.  Emotion is ever tip-toing onward, fraught with potent relief as well as portentous rigour.

Continental Drift delights with soft, clustered piano chords and metamorphosing guitars.  “Orogenic Uplift” streaks these comfortable tones across itself.  The guitar and piano first become indistinct, then converge. “Asthenospheric Movement II” channels BJ Nilsen and Altus. Strings ring out at the end of the colour spectrum, resonate sharply, and distort ever so slightly. The soundscapes are refractively introspective, displaying their creators’ angular thoughts and inspiring a three-tone counter-measure.  To listen is to become introspective, to become introspective is to refract, and to refract is to remove the shackles of unconscious movement, enabling one to enjoy the moment.

This release continues Home Normal’s high standard for electro-acoustic and ambient/drone.  The pacing is exquisite, while the timbre offers platonic shades of forlorn residue.  In lesser hands, such sounds would be swept up in a desire to impress.  Faures pushes the “real” good of the sounds out for all to hear.  (Mick Buckingham)

Release date:  20 December

Available here

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