Redfish ~ Redfish

RedfishUniversal in its invitation and initiated by the young and the old, Redfish is truly international in its expression. It’s easy to accept this invitation, especially when you hear that sexy French accent (come on, who could resist?). The kind introduction lights the heart on fire, the soft outreach of warmth that lapses into the minimal, beginning with the words ‘Hello from the children of Planet Earth’. Redfish is upbeat, and it is a playful welcome – in other words, it’s just what the world so desperately needs.

Electronic music can often fall into a dark pit of predictability or, like our Earth, into total chaos and carnage, but Redfish, the French electronic duo of Sasa Vojovodic (Letna) and Alexandre Navarro, are never in any danger of the trap, mixing their light, bubbly electronics with phosphorescent guitars. Colours are splashed onto the music with thin, light strokes, expanding tones and crumbling structures that were never stable to begin with.

Scintillating rhythms are formed without the need for percussion, flowing through the pocket of air and leaving a thin iridescence over the surface. Music is the language we all understand. It is a beautiful dialect that resonates with the whole body. The dropped, phased beats circulate into the light, sky-high drone, popping crisply the higher the altitude. Hydrogen and oxygen, the life-sustaining tones, come from the clear and clean mountain air, forming their own melodic particles and bubbles. Redfish, like the beautiful blue bubble of Earth, let the music flow; unlimited amounts of space, serene waters playing host to their unique, experimental life.

On “Gamma Arae”, pulsing lights and skin soft atmospherics rise up, and the air bubbles of “Horologium” pop sweetly, raining down onto the music with their light, sprinkling tone. Staying playful, Redfish are true to their original promise, without sacrificing their musical vision. The casual beat, living in lo-fi, is the only clear rhythmic block, but even this becomes stuck in reverse.

Redfish have given life to their airy, tonal experiments. It’s a place for outdoor scientists, out in the open where the sun always shines. It’s universal music, but it’s also a global invitation for everyone living under the sun – come celebrate. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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