LCNL 039: TRANSFORMATIONS by Tapiwa Svosve (Cullllt)

tapiwa tranformationsLCNL 039: TRANSFORMATIONS by Tapiwa Svosve (Cullllt)

And… we’re back!  Happy New Year y’all.  We stopped the mix series so we could focus on our year end features, and in the meantime I’ve accumulated a backlog of amazing mixes.  So expect weekly mixes for the next two months.  Let’s kick off the new year right with this mix of  electronics, musique concrète, electroacoustic music and field recordings.  Brought to us by Tapiwa Svovse, he says the idea wasn’t just to make “a mix where one track hunts another, but to make some sort of sound collage. Have a listen and let me know what you think.”


Tell us about yourself. 

I’m Tapiwa Svosve, an 18-year old Saxophonist living in Zurich. I make electroacoustic music as „Cullllt“, and have released an EP so far. Currently I’m working on my debut album which will be released earlier next year. I’m quite busy with that at the moment.

I can’t remember exactly how I got into this kind of music. I first started to listen to electronic dance music, and then somehow found my way to the more experimental stuff. Artist that have impressed me a lot are people like patten, Yearning Kru or Helm. Later I came across artists like Adam Asnan or Esther Venrooy, which is mainly electroacoustic music or musique-concrète. I’ve always listened to a lot of free improvisation and free jazz as well.

And what’s the theme of the mix?  

The mix itself is thought to be one long sound piece, and not just something where one great track hunts another. There is an inner connection to the different tracks I’ve used. Also, I worked a lot on it before going to bed at night, when everything around me was quiet. It would’ve probably sounded completely different if I had worked on it throughout the day.

Anything else you want to add? 

Well, I run a concert series over here in Zurich, which features experimental musicians. We‘re called Ornament Collective, so get in touch if you‘re reading this and would like to participate.

And thanks ACL, keep up the great work!


ARAR, AA – Combine II

Helena Gough – Chain Sinnet

Justin Bennett – at midnight

Tremblexy – Magmatic

patten – 01

Nicolas Ratti – Live at Rotate Festival 2012, Innsbruck

Ralegh Long – Give In

BBBlood – Syrtis Mayor

Marcus Maeder – Transzendentalie

Tim Hecker – In The Fog I

Seams – Ebb

Oneohtrix Point Never – Stress Waves

Rutger Zuydervelt & Espen Reinertsen – Windtunnel

Things To Sounds – Cautiously

Cullllt – Blueprint

Vasco Alves – Female Prophet

Michael D. Donnelly – And Painkillers

The Convergence Quartet – Slow And Steady

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