Ichtyor Tides ~ Eever Schapes

coverEever Schapes completes the trilogy that began in 2012 with Eever Schores and continued with 2013’s Eever Schemes.  The most diverse of the triptych, it also sports the best packaging: a tape nestled in a sturdy rectangular wooden tunnel, courtesy of A Giant Fern.

Drone is still the primary ingredient, although the thickness, timbre and length of these drones varies from piece to piece, most evident on the opening triptych-within-a-triptych of “Xives I – Xives III”.  The first segment offers 21 minutes of undulating ambience, as relaxing as a calm tide; the second is  shorter, quieter and creepier, thanks to the sound of chains; and the even shorter concluding segment is louder and more foreboding, a rush of white noise offset by hints of an electronic choir.  The impression is that of being caught out on the sea when a storm rolls in.  Together, they form a tapestry of surprising sound; any listener who jumps to conclusions will be embarrassed when their initial impressions are proven wrong.

Eever SchapesThings get even more interesting on Side B.  “Vermys” arrives in an electronic downpour that sounds like a marriage of typewriters and rain.  Pointed, crisp, and only two minutes long, the track serves as a contrast to the smooth, blurred, extended frequencies that have preceded it.  The rain continues in “Aporeiq Schant”, beginning in light precipitation and leading to a thick mist.  With these single-length tracks, Ichtyor Tides really comes into his own.  It’s not clear whether the first two Eever releases were always meant to lead up to this or if the composer improved as he went along, but either way, this is evidence of an artist in control.  The deep electronics and drums on the ensuing track sound like a downpour of basketballs on an abandoned gym floor.  Is the hull being cratered?  Will the ship ever get to shore?  The seagulls begin to cry; the land is near.  The final track begins with the sounds of foghorns, and cargo being unloaded; the crew has arrived safely, and announcements are being made on the intercom.  Harrowed by the experience, they hurry to their duties as the winds pick up again.  This may be their last journey.  They will never speak of this again.  (Richard Allen)

Available here

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