LCNL 046: Mix by Spring Break Tapes



Spring Break Tapes! have introduced us to stellar artists like Sima Kim and Junior Pande over the last couple years, both of which have become site favorites.  Joe and I have been exchanging emails for a while, and I’m stoked to finally have coaxed him into presenting a mix for this series!  He’s always been super supportive and offered valuable feedback.  We started this site to connect good people and share good music, so I couldn’t be happier to present this mix from SBT.

Listen/download at Soundcloud, or stream at Mixcloud.





Basically, introduce yourself and the label?  When did it get started?


I started Spring Break Tapes! in 2011.


What got you interested in tapes, in the music business, etc?


I grew up with tapes so I have a sense of nostalgia for them. I’ve always loved telling people about new music & I always had this fantasy that I could do that on a larger scale by having a record label. I discovered that there was a resurgence in cassette production while at a local record shop here in LA. I realized that having a cassette label was something I could actually do so I just got going.

There are so many awesome music scenes converging in LA lately.  So many of my favorite, genre-busting artists are there: Sun Araw, DJ Purple Image, Dakim, Ras G, Matthewdavid. Has the local LA-scene been a big influence on you?

I’m not sure being in LA has really influenced the label. I have a large Canadian fan base mostly due to putting out Junior Pande cassettes as he’s from Toronto. I’m actually always a bit surprised when I get an order from someone in LA. I probably get an equal amount from Germany!

Tell us about the mix.

So this mix is basically a combo of SBT artists & also artists that I like – basically music that I would release given the opportunity. Some of it’s new. Some’s not. It’s just a cursory glance into my collection. I guess I tried to pick music that had the feel of SB Tapes even if it was something that I didn’t release. I tried to just be easy about it & pick some songs. If I would have thought about it too much I never would have finished the mix or it would have been 4 days long.

Thanks Joe!





1. Ali Helnwein – Voyage

2. Junior Pande – Slap Copy

3. Sima Kim – Misapprehension (Lester Burnham remix)

4. Auxiliary Priest – Toulon

5. The Fun Years – Janice Was Into Recovery

6. Monte Burrows – 1430

7. West Widows – Sagan

8. RUN DMT – Romantic

9. Jah Connery – A Novelist

10. Caetano Veloso – De Conversa/Cravo E Canela

11. Vivien Goldman – Launderette

12. Terry Riley – Music for the Gift: Part 5

13. Daphne Oram – 2001 Effects Tape 1

14. Tom White – False Ponds (Part 1)

15. Tenstairs – Northland/Last Light/Forth

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  1. Well I like Joe’s open confession of having a sense of nostalgia for tapes. His decision of having a cassette label was a smart one, for cassette production has always been in fashion here in LA.

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