ACL Singles Chart ~ April 2014

Singles ChartBillboard magazine recently announced its plans to add a new chart to track music tweets, but ours is still the only indie instrumental chart we can find.  Ten new songs chart this month; four charts form a Top 40!

Everything here has been reviewed or will be reviewed at ACL; we hope you like what you hear!

1) Mariano Rodriguez Praise the Road (Grass-Tops Recording)
We’ve been sitting on this song for a while, waiting for the snow to clear.  This happy warm weather driving song incorporates a piece of a Catholic hymn called “I Will Praise My Lord”, making it a perfect piece for both Easter and spring.


2) Nelson Patton ~ She Nasty
The hidden track on Nelson Patton’s self-titled EP, “She Nasty” is the duo at its groovy best.  A sparse setup of trombone with Moog bass and drums is responsible for the stripped-down sound.  The lighting may be dark in this performance video, but Nelson and Patton are clearly having fun, and so are we.

3) The Gilder ~ Mechanical Sea
With its slow speed of only one beat per second, “Mechanical Sea” may not seem like a dance floor contender, but it works.  Intensely beautiful breakdowns with clocks and bells make this one of the most original electronic tracks on the market.


4) Christina Vantzou ~ Going Backwards to Discover That Which Was Left Behind (Kranky)
This thoroughly heartrending piece is a testimony to the skill of composer / performer Vantzou, whose album no.2 is awash in piano, strings, and soaked resonance.  The counter-melodies in this piece are like death and life intertwined.


5) House of Cosy Cushions ~ Black Bat Dance (Outcast Cats)
An unusual set-up (including trombone, viola and loops) allows House of Cosy Cushions to create some distinctive pieces.  The highlight of new album Spell, “Black Bat Dance” includes a drum roll breakdown that rises to a hammering of horns.


6) Snuise ~ Ghosts of the Taino 
James Catchpole was particularly enamored by Snuise’s new album Permanessence, which has been making quiet waves since its release earlier this year.  This track is one of many entries competing for attention; a subdued breakdown gives it the edge.


7) Teebs ~ View Point (Brainfeeder)
The first single to be lifted from Teebs’ Estara album, “View Point” presents intricate melodies and deceptively simple beats, signs that the artist has not lost his touch.  A Top Pick for spring, Estara is released on 8 April.


8) edapollo ~ Tisno (Bad Panda)
Our reviewer Chris Redfearn was especially taken by this sunny track, which reflects the dramatic transition between weather systems pictured on the cover of the Breathing Lessons EP.  Swift beats unfurl across an ambient base, breathing the promise of warmth.


9) Reliq ~ willo (Noble)
What’s that you say?  “Tisno” wasn’t fast enough?  Try “willo” at 160 b.p.m. for an adrenaline rush.  The lead track from Metatropics, this single shows that the artist can be equally proficient in different guises; he also records as Serph.


10) Christopher Bruhn ~ 1957 Industry Rag (Grass Tops Recording)
Short, breezy, and fun, Christopher Bruhn’s finger-picking “1957 Industry Rag” returns us to the label that introduced this month’s #1 song.  Bruhn’s Weekends on the Frontier has recently received a well-deserved reissue, and it’s packed with gems like this one.


Richard Allen

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  1. love “View Point” instrumental. So chill and relaxing..

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