COUPLES COUNSELING ~ couples counseling

CouplesRosy melodies sprinkle the ground as they fall like late cherry blossom petals. While couples counseling may sound like a daytime sitcom or a reality soap opera – in other words, the stuff of nightmares – it is a lovely, innocent ride through the strange magic of American prom night, the unabashed freedom of youth and the open, romantic roads we once coasted as teenagers in love.

Virginia de las Pozas’ pop-oriented music is the crush on that special someone. “hope u nevr hear this” is like a special, romantic poem that no other schoolgirl can know about – imagine if they found out! It’d never be lived down, that’s for sure. But the feelings are true, as is the music. You’ll instantly fall in love with couples counseling. You may even begin to doodle little red hearts in the back of your diary, and top it off with a ❤ on the cover, written in the sweetest calligraphy.

The gently flowing “floating heads” is a gorgeous song. The lyrics have more sugar than Coca Cola and drip with honesty, with the words ‘please stay with me / even though  we don’t agree / even though you’re not like me’ bringing the crush to life. The lyrics cycle around the rippling harmony, which ebbs and flows as it kisses a slow beat. The smooth electronic harmony is interrupted by what sounds like the excited dial of a phone. Love isn’t all fun and games, but the music is so playful you can’t help but smile.

Her music blushes with a deep passion for the boy at the front of the class. You can almost hear it sighing as it swoons. It should come as no surprise that she used to write poetry – they date back to her high school years. Her love songs curl with some gently placed, non-invasive electronics, turning the song as lightly as a head on first sight. Her lyrics are once-kept secrets that have crept out of the slumber party, and she trusts us enough to tell us, honestly, of lessons learnt and everyday, largely inconsequential things that conquer younger life. She isn’t afraid to talk about love and rejection in the same song; her songs come from the heart.

Her melody is a cloudy daydream and her harmony the new kid on the block who’s been recently transferred from the era of late 50’s pop, the kind that Frankie Valli would be proud of. “fiftyseven” and its light progression is a looping love bite. At twelve minutes long, it shows that the pop form can be stretched and extended beyond the three minute mark if so desired, and she shows a remarkable maturity in her songstress skills. Her band, Cry Guy, has a similar vibe and is well worth checking out. You can hang together, and maybe it’ll be the start of something special…  🙂

The songs are perfumed with something like magnolia; the petals that are left on the tree are proof that, sometimes, teen dreams really do come true. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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