LCNL 049: At The Edge Of Love, There We Stand (Joanne Lam)

at the edge of love, here we stand

“Beyond the ear there is a sound, at the farthest reaches of sight a shape, at fingertip’s end an object — and that’s where I’m going.” – Clarice Lispector

A mix by Joanna Lam.
Soundcloud / Mixcloud

Joanne writes concert reviews for I Care If You Listen (a magazine exploring classical music, art, and technology, and served as partial inspiration for this mix).  She also contributes to Vinyl Me, Please, and is a former writer for Music Is My Sanctuary.

Rather than say too much, she prefers to let this mix speak for itself.  It is shorter than our mixes often are, but as a result it is much tighter in terms of narrative.  Enjoy.


[0:00] Tigran Hamasyan – Illusion

[1:35] Peter Gregson – +

[5:22] Irvine Fine – Partita for Wind Quintet (III. Interlude)

[6:48] Lou Harrison – Threnody for Carlos Chavez

[14:48] John Tavener – The Lamb

[18:23] Mary Lou Williams – St. Martin de Porres

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