Track Premiere ~ 0point1’s “Cartoon River”

Cartoon RiverA Closer Listen is proud to premiere “Cartoon River,” the preview track from Melbourne electronic artist 0point1‘s upcoming album, Clean dirt.  The artist, also known as Bob Streckfuss and formerly known as 0.1, was gracious enough to answer a few short questions as well.

0point1 first came to our attention with the track “Softism”, from Feral Media’s anniversary compilation.  The creative packaging was a tiny marvel: a button that one could pin to an article of clothing or a backpack.  This standout piece is also included on the upcoming album.  Next was The Dance of Mechanical Birds, a 17-minute electronic workout with a constantly mutating base.  And in only a couple weeks, the world will get to hear the new album; check the superlative artwork below and stay tuned for the review!


0.1 artist picCongratulations on the new album and new name! I understand you changed your name from 0.1 to 0point1 to make it easier to Google. What inspired the name in the first place?

Because I didn’t want to be called something that could be easily categorized, like an electronic blood-clot through a plant.

What is your favourite track on the new album and why?

Surf Kid’ because my dog Blixa (who is heard in the background of some vocal takes) really seems to react to it.  For me I feel it best describes the cartoon-like world of the album.

What are your favourite non-recorded sounds?

Lava flowing into the ocean, dryed up banksia trees in the wind. Water sounds in general.  It’s a hard question as I am obsessed with recording and everyday sounds and using them as beats and textures.

In many of your works, recessed voice appears as texture. Are there any words on the new album that you wish to highlight?

Some songs have definite lyrics, but when you just sing, with no regard to the confines of language, you come across new meanings, where the music doesn’t have to be defined by what is being said in the lyrics.

What do you imagine people doing while your album is playing?

Eating clouds. : )


A Closer Listen thanks Feral Media and 0point1 for the premiere track and short interview!

Richard Allen


  1. Cinaper

    So beautiful! It takes me to another world.

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