ACL Singles Chart ~ July 2014

Single cheeseburger!Yes, that is a single cheeseburger you are looking at.  A single cheeseburger does not need to be small; in fact, single cheeseburgers from some places are larger than double cheeseburgers from other places.  The same principle applies in music.  A short song can pack a powerful punch, and a single by itself can be more memorable than an entire album.

As the 4th of July Weekend approaches in the States, we’ll be eating a lot of cheeseburgers, and wondering why the rest of the world is spending more money on Transformers 4 than we are.  But one need not live in the States to enjoy a good burger.  Our recommendation: make your own!  Choose your favorite cheese, bread, sauce and spices, and if you’ve got quality beef to work with and you cook it properly, you’ll probably make the best burger you’ve ever had.  These ten songs would make a great soundtrack for your barbeque.

1) Phonocaptors ~ The Dark Surf Returns
Summer is surf time, and this modern surf track delivers what it promises: rocking guitars, rolling bass and attitude.  Check the scales at 2:49, then throw in some big waves and the day will be complete!


2) Smileswithteeth ~ Scrunchie
Everything about this track is endearing, from the title to the beats and bells to the parent-child exchange near the end.  “It’s a splash!  What?”


3) One and Seven Eighths ~ Theme (Let’s Go Camping)
The lead track from Modern Camping Songs, “Theme (Let’s Go Camping)” is peculiar and twee at once, like a rubber snake in a sleeping bag.  Summer is the best time to camp, but those who prefer to stay at home may also prefer this tidy green tape.


4) Alexander Turnqvist ~ Wildflower
William Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence” contains the famous opening couplet, “To see a world in a grain of sand / and heaven in a wild flower”.  Alexander Turnqvist may not have been thinking of Blake when he wrote this song, but the same sense of beauty is there.  The artist has had a tough couple of years, but this is his statement of strength.


5) The Echelon Effect ~ Visitors on the Bow Wave
David Walters has just completed the second half of the Atlantic/Pacific pairing, and this highlight showcases all of his strengths at once.  Sparkling and ebullient, it’s the sound of sunlight on surf.


6) 0point1 ~ Cartoon River
We debuted this track at A Closer Listen last month, and you know what?  We still like it!  “Cartoon River” is upbeat and fun, a sweet combination of beats, orchestral elements, and onomatopoeia.


7) Waking Aida ~ Glow Coin (edapollo remix)
edapollo brings out the electronic undercurrent of this post-rock track, making it suitable for both audiences.  The original is found on Waking Aida’s stellar debut album, Eschaton.


8) Busto Power Trio ~ Oroboro
Busto Power Trio’s The Deal is billed as a “soundtrack for villains”.  This track makes great use of an accelerating tempo and chants of “Hey, hey, hey!”, making one think of the World Cup.


9) dmGida ~ Birthday
If Raison d’être ever decided to make a club track, and called on Portishead for advice, the result might sound something like this.  It’s the lead track of dmGida’s debut EP, dwell&mind, and we’d like it to be played at our next birthday party.


10) Lucy Claire ~ Stille (ft. Alev Lenz)
The softest track on this month’s chart, “Stille” arrives in three versions, the original being the best.  Be sure to stay tuned for the sweet string finale as it brings the song to an entirely different level.


Richard Allen

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