Softest ~ Music for Rain: Volume One

SoftRainy days needn’t be thought of as depressing or boring. True, they try to cage us in, delay the plans we had for the day and tempt us to stay indoors, but the rainfall is a beautiful sight. Just looking at the grey sky and her tears as they slide down the windowpane can serve as a reminder as to how special the phenomenon really is.

Raindrops are never the same.

Notes are never the same.

Like all things in life, there’s more than one way to look at the rain. Depending on your outlook, the onset of rain can give way to a gloomy mood, but they are also lifelines. They sustain, replenish and revive – again, like music.

In the same way that the rain quenches the dry soil’s thirst after a prolonged drought, so too does the music of Softest refresh and clear the mind. The rain never lets up, evoking the peace and solitude that only comes with the sound of the rain. Music for Rain: Volume One is a deluge of peace, with hazy synths and washed guitars accompanying the steady stream. This is a cool jet of water that wants to soothe the aching, stressed mind.

Just listening to the late night rain can be enough to settle the soul. During the day, not even the sun can burn its way through the silver, pregnant clouds, instead surrendering its light to the approaching downpour. The falling rain is gentle on the ears, not to mention incredibly relaxing in its natural rhythm. A satisfying drone moves on the wind, bringing its dense harmony closer to the rain. A lush, open sound leaves us with plenty of clean and clear air. The cool drones ghost in via an open window, bringing the pure air with them.

“Traveling Loved Ones” introduces a thin beat and a more noticeable melody, the sharp, crystal notes echoing, rippling, in a wet, reverb-washed puddle. The regularity of the clipped beat clicks with the accuracy of a metronome, and the sedate tempo invites sleep. Music for Rain: Volume One is a beautiful, surprisingly warm voyage. The deep drones and the radiating synths conjure the warm rain of Florida. Rain makes everything better.

It’s always rainy season here. (James Catchpole)

Available here

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